ANOTHER news artictle on obesity up for debate (Read 726 times)

    Too fat to parent?

    I'm going with the courts on this one. I don't think it's an issue of fat discrimination here. My favorite part of the story: "Weight shouldn't be the deciding factor in whether a person can parent, claims the dad, though he does believe in living a healthier lifestyle."

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      I'm not sure I agree.  can he run around and play baseball with his children - I'm guessing no - but can he provide their basic needs - probably.  Basic needs being food/a roof over their head/simple supplies/schooling/medical.  We have to follow a minimal standard with families otherwise many many families would not meet criteria and would lose their children.   If we start removing children because of obesity we have crossed a line that we may never be able to get back to.  Unfortunately I have had to remove far more children from their parents care than I ever want to and that process is so incredibly traumatic for the children, even when they are seriously abused, that doing so because of something like obesity is excessive.  (now, disclaimer, - working in the field I can almost guarantee that there is more to this story that makes him not a fit parent but just commenting on what is presented these are my thoughts)

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        Would you take kids away from a wheelchair bound parent or someone with asthma? I would expect many of them would have the same limitations as an obese parent with regards stamina and mobility. If the kids children are being neglected in some way, by all means step in, but merely due to the limited mobility and stamina to keep up, as the article states seems a bit Draconian.


        BTW: I'd be more concerned with the reasons he lost custody in the first place, legal problem, public fighting and threats. I suspect there is more to this story than what is presented here.

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           I'd be more concerned with the reasons he lost custody in the first place, legal problem, public fighting and threats. I suspect there is more to this story than what is presented here.


          Yup.  Stories like this told only through the lens of the side that took it to the media are always suspect.


          Although, I would not put such lunacy below an errant gov't official.

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            My guess is it is more about the other stuff and he is screaming fat discrimination. 


            But absolutely obese parents can be great parents (not just meet minimal standards).  And skinny parents can be god awful.  Weight is not a valid factor in itself.


            OTOH, it is not uncommon for the criteria to get kids back to be held higher than the criteria for not losing them in the first place.   I thought the articles link to adoption criteria pretty far off the mark.  Maybe not everywhere, but in many places adoption criteria is so high as to be almost ludicrous.  It took friends of mine 2 years to meet all the criteria - and mind you they already had 2 children who were well, healthy and happy.  Home inspections, parenting classes, they had to completely babyproof the home before being considered for an under 2 year placeent, physicals, references, etc. etc.  Normally not anything close to adoption standard is used for parental custody.

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              I've read a bit on this story over the last few days. His children are special needs although the specific disability has not been identified. He refused gastric bypass (cost covered by taxpayers) so he "would respect the weight loss". The Dad also stated he's stopped smoking marijuana and denies he has an anger problem toward women. 



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