300 miles in the books (Read 798 times)

    Didn't realize it till I logged this evenings run. I am proud of myself for the consistency I have been able to show lately Smile Gonna take a stab at my first 10 miler this Sunday Smile All time longest run for me was about 11-12 miles that I did many years ago when I ran for a short while. I feel much stronger this time around Smile (am I the only one that feels weird about bragging about himself? but I still do it???? Strange)


      Great job, Chris! Getting those first few hundred miles under your belt are some of the toughest. Sounds like you're on track to make this a lifetime pursuit. 10 miles was a big mental barrier for me. Just remember to take your time and try to finish with some gas in the tank.

      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


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        Congrats! Good luck with the 10 miler.. I hope to be doing the same before too much longer.

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          Yippie! And good luck with the 10 miler. I've been told again and again that consistency is important. Even when I was on a week's rest - no running allowed, I tried to keep doing something, walking, elliptical, anything really. Now I'm allowed to run again - but slowly - I can't wait until I finish my learn to run program and can start to go a little longer.

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            It has taken me now about 8 months to find a schedule that works for me: 4 Days of running and 1-2 days of cross training This is a schedule that I can maintain over the distance.
              Nice job Chris. Are you training for the half at Long Beach? If you can run 10 miles, then you can muscle your way through a half.
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                When is Long Beach? I am secretly eying LA marathon in march if everything goes well. But only will do it if I feel really ready.

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                  Great job on the 300! Keep it up and, good luck on the 10 miler.

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                    Congrats on hitting 300! It just so turns out that I also just broke 300 miles in my log today. Apparently that was also just enough runs to create problems for my GPS. It became "full" today and wouldn't work right until I'd cleared out my entire track history. Now it works great.
                      When is Long Beach? I am secretly eying LA marathon in march if everything goes well. But only will do it if I feel really ready.
                      Long Beach is October 12. I did my first half there back in 2002. My $.02 on training for a first marathon: I always suggest having a 20-25 mile per week base for ~ 6 months before starting an 18 week marathon training program. Best of luck with your training.
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