Pyongyang Marathon--who's in? (Read 76 times)

Imminent Catastrophe

    Well, if I weren't running that little one on Monday I'd love to do this one. I expect Kim Jog Un will probably run sub-2.

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      I heard he ran 14 flat for a 5k down by the water. Just going for a run and listening to some tunes.

        Yeah, he doesn't run a lot, but he's a super-fit, super-active dude.  Rock climbing, cross-planet skiing, up-mountain skating, stuff like that.


        He's not sure he's good enough to enter a race, though.  Which is fair.  And easy pace slower than WR pace is kind of sad.

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        Emil Zatopek

          I wonder if it's a certified race distance.

          I wonder how many from Boston this year ran Pyongyang last year for his 100th birthday.
          There's got to be a feel good story there.

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          Hip Redux

            I heard the finisher's medal is a rocket launcher.