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    Does anyone live in the Atlanta, GA area? I'm a beginning runner, and I'm thinking about doing a half marathon next year. I'd love to know where Atlanta people usually run.


    Also, does anyone in Atlanta have a great favorite place to shop for new running gear?

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      I always love to shop at Atlanta Activewear in the Virginia-Highland area of Atlanta. They're really helpful, and they seem to know the exact outfit necessary for every activity. I'm almost positive they have an online store too.


      Just saw that they have 20% off all Brooks Running apparel until July 4th!!!


      From your other topic posting, it seems like you have a favorite....

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        From your other topic posting, it seems like you have a favorite....



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          Canton, GA so Northern 'burbs.


          Mainly I run round the neighbourhood, but like taking in Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park


          As for a store. Big Peach Running Company, all the way.

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            I don't live in Atlanta anymore, but when I was a student at Georgia Tech, I ran around the campus.


              I don't live in Atlanta, but daughter does.  While visiting she took us for a run on the Beltway and a local park.  It was incredible.

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                Um, MilkTruck figured it out for the rest of us - atlantagirl is a spammer.  No point answering her "questions."


                  I don't live in GA, but I was going to suggest the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon.  It was GORGEOUS.




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                    +1 for Big Peach. Good people.

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