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    Thanks, guys!

    Trail Dog

      I actually eat beans and vegetables and fruit and whole greens all day. Just not for breakfast, when I occasionally have a fruit smoothie made with vegan protein powder. Or steel cut oats with apricots and almonds, which I will be eating this morning.


      I "get" that protein powder is not real food and should not be depended upon, but it can have its place in a diet otherwise full of real food.



      Weird. I got my beans from Whole Foods. Bulk section. They were dirt cheap. And they tasted yum! Loads of protein.

      Trail Dog

        You should try sliced banana in black bean soup. It's really awesome!


        Quote from Trent on 1/16/2013 at 6:20 PM:

        I'm gonna eat a big bowl of beans tonight. Totally vegan. Totally yummy. I think they are high in protein, but I didn't add any powder to em. I know they are high in food.



        But how are they when mixed with bananas and peanut butter?

        12 Monkeys

          Why do you think you need protein supplementation, need to eat protein 3 meals a day?

          Trail Dog

            I never said I needed protein supplementation; I get plenty through my lacto ovo vegetarian diet. But some mornings I want a green smoothie, but I am too damn lazy to pull all those veggies  (not to mention my standard blender wouldn't handle it very well anyway). The powdered Vega One veggies (kale, broccoli, alfalfa, spinach, chlorella) are not as good as the fresh whole veggies, but it tastes good and makes for a quick light breakfast when blended with almond milk and a banana. It just so happens to also have 15g of protein, which is equivalent to what you find in a serving of cottage cheese.


              I can relate to this Roxie. Tongue





              Las Vegas Dave

                How about soy protein powder?  That;s vegan isn't it?  I buy mine from the bulk bins in my local supermarket Smith's for $5.99 lb. I blend that with milk, strawberries, banana, honey and ginger.  Altogether mixed together it makes a great recovery drink with about a 3 - 1 carb to protein ratio and the ginger is an anti-inflammatory.  If you you replaced the milk with water it would be vegan.  http://travelingbyfoot.blogspot.com/

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