Bike versus run speed and climb rate (Read 906 times)

    Crikey! I just noticed that I have virtually the same speed and climb rate while running and on my mountain bike, with an HR around 150 .... and probably while walking fast too - Climb rate: 10-13meters/min, Ground Speed: 7-8Km/h. I always felt that biking could be a bit faster - and probably it is on the asphalt due to better grip.. but I feel I can go faster on a 15% inclined treadmill, what gives? I could go for 10-15 minute runs up to 16-17 m/min - but it is a bit hard to measure the distance and elevation difference correctly. Does anybody else have some interesting climb/speed stats to share across locomotion methods?

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      You should be faster on the bike climbing, but less so than on the flats, and the steeper the climb the closer the two should be. That assumes equally good technique. I'll go out on a limb and guess that you aren't downshifting - keep those legs spinning! Keep your cadence up in the 90-100 range and you'll get up slopes faster. did