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Run like a kid again!

    Do you wear tri goggles like these - SEAL XP Swim Goggle?  If so which kind do you wear and how would you rate them.  Also beginning wetsuits.  Any advice?
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      I would go for a wetsuit that isn't so expensive, like the swim skin Tri suit.  It's easier to get off than the long suit, and you won't be in the water that long unless you're planning an Ironman.  If buoyancy is your goal, you'll get plenty.  If it is warmer water, go without a wetsuit.  It's just one more hassle in transition.   


      As far as goggles are concerned, wear ones that fit.  You should be able to press them to your eyes without the strap around the head and they will not fall off.  If they do, you'll have an eye(s) full of water.  Wear a good comfortable goggle, try them before you buy.  Oh, and just watch out in the water and don't get close to a splashy, flailing swimmer.  


      Advice?  Have fun. 




        I have a pair like that, but I really only wore them a couple times.  I have a couple different ones that I like that all smaller than them.  I prefer smaller ones that fit my eye sockets.

        I agree with Elly, try before you buy.  One time I literally tried every model in the store.  

        Most places will even let you return them after you buy them if they are uncomfortable.