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    So I have this app on my phone from my insurance company to track my driving habits.  It shows a score for your last two weeks of driving but also shows your mileage total over those two weeks.  For the last two weeks it says: Scored Miles 62.  I've run 58 in the last two weeks!  Now I'm thinking I want to outrun my car.


    Anyone else running more miles than they're driving these days?

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      When I lived in Seattle, I took the bus everywhere, so it was pretty typical that my road mileage would exceed my driving mileage. I didn't even own a car from 2003-2006. Don't live in Seattle anymore. I took the last 7 months off from running... just started again a few weeks ago. The trick is that now I work down the street, so even without coronavirus and even with low running mileage (30-40 mpw), I'm doing it.


      Trail miles always come with one simple rule: I have to run at least as long (timewise, not mileage) as my drive time. So if it takes me 3 hours in the car, I have to run at least 3 hours.

        I haven't kept track but I'd estimate I've driven about 15 miles in the past 2 weeks, with the lions share of that being 2 trips to the compost center on Saturday, ~3 miles each way. Even in my current state of dilapidation, I'm easily outrunning my driving.

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          Okay, I just checked.  144 miles in the car in the last 30 days, 162 on foot.  36 of the 144 were Saturday, two days ago, when I drove to further out trailheads to start my runs. Smile

            Dang, I have to drive to my undisclosed running location, about the same amount as the runs. Add to that going to work at the theater set/prop shop (I'm the TD and only one there) and I get a lot of driving miles.


            I don't make the "more running than driving" cut!

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              I've been working from home since 3/18. All but 2 weeks I've run more than I've driven, and I run about 25 mpw. The 2x I had to make a trip into work (12 miles each way) threw it off.


                Been in locked down for over a month now. My guestimate on driving over that time is about 110 miles driving.  Running 225.

                I've been working from home since October and mileage has been way down since then.  Since the lock down started, longest drive was to hardware store to pick up some lumber to build some stairs, round trip was 24 miles. If I stay in county, max distance is supposed to be 5 miles 1-way.  Done 3 Virtual half marathons in next county and it's an 11 mile round trip to parking area




                  Since my area went in to lock down my only driving has been to/from my grocery store - 2 mile round trip - about once a week.

                  So, yeah, running WAY more miles than I am driving.

                    Since my area went in to lock down my only driving has been to/from my grocery store - 2 mile round trip - about once a week.

                    So, yeah, running WAY more miles than I am driving.




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                      I ran 60 miles last week and drove 8, and that's been about right for the past six weeks.  I should probably take my car for a longer drive so it doesn't forget how.


                      eta:  Prior to Coronebola, I was driving 70 miles a day.


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                        This ones a piece of cake.  Since I work from home, I only drive to go to the store and for Tuesday night run club, maybe 2 or 3 trips per week.  Since the shut down, I think my car has moved twice.  I just had my car inspected back on Feb 3, which listed the odometer totals, so I ran the miles since then.


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                            23 miles to work. I've gone to the office at least once a week. Sometimes twice. Nope. This doesn't even include all the trips to fix my vehicle or go to stores.

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                              Normally I'm a piano teacher who travels to my students, but right now everything is online so I'm definitely outrunning my car.  I filled up my gas tank one time last month, and that was cause I had to drop my income tax off at my accountant in my old town (1 hour each way).

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                                Is anyone else having the problem of going on more runs per week than the number of showers you take? I seem to be asking myself "did I take a shower yesterday?" and I am on the stinky side of that many times due to being out of routine. I haven't been shaving either so I am going to look like Tom Hanks in Castaway pretty soon. Unilever reported that deodorant sales have decreased dramatically the past 2 months.


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