Running with Quadricep strain (Read 34 times)


    hi, have been training for Berlin but this past week, suffered a quadricep strain. 5 days now and am still unable to walk  even a few steps without pain. Planning on seeing a doctor but what are my chances of doing Berlin September 30th? i was a on a decent training plan but is a set back. any advice? suggestions? modified training plans?

      This isnt super helpful, I know, but it really depends on the severity and type of the strain.  Is it from running or something else?  If its minor, you could be off for a week and slowly back in time.  Given that you've been in pain for nearly a week already, and it hurts to walk, you'll probably need more time off (have you taken the last 5 days off, or are you trying to run through it?).   Obviously crosstraining can help offset fitness loss (pool running, elliptical, etc) but it seems like an all-out "goal" marathon will be tough.


      Put the focus on getting better first, and make the decision about the race in 2-3 weeks.


      Berlin is supposed to be a great race, I hope you get to run it...and I hope to do it some day myself.