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    We have about 10 at our Y, all about a year old. They all seem to be running at the same speed, as far as I can tell, but there is a lot of variability in the firmness of the decks. Not sure if that is adjustable or not.

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      I am not sure what a regular length TM is and is not?


      Sole F85 has a 22x60 - Lots of room on that thing - Although when I get zoned out - I do drift side to side a lot.


      Landice L7 20x58


      Either is more than I need.


      I have never used pre-set programs - that is why the L7 would be my choice - stripped down - basic tank.

      +1.  I have a Sole F63 and it lacks exactly one feature I want (pace in min/mile, not just mph) and has a bunch I don't need (anything to do with programs).  I have never found a use for the programs....perhaps some find them useful.  I care a lot more about the durability of the deck.  I'm only 147-155lbs depending on the season, and I've blown one out already in under 3000 miles.

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        I've seen the L7 LTD Pro Trainer Treadmill for $2895 including shipping. I'm very tempted.

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          My 6 month old treadmill went out of calibration last week.  Mine had more to do with the mini-screwdriver my boys put between the deck and running belt.  Funny thing when I turned it on, it wouldn't move - just kinda locked up.  Once I identified the problem and corresponding nice hole in the belt, I was able to get it running again.  Now I get to hear a little flapping sound every time it goes round and round. 


          On a another note, anyone interested in a couple of little boys?


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            We had to replace our belt after my husband spilled some oatmeal on the deck and it got too hot on one of his speed runs. Note to self, move hunting food away from treadmill.

            I have always ran a bit slower on a TM than the equivalent effort outside, probably about a minute per mile on average.

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              They do go out of calibration and it doesn't take them long to do it either.


              I've been through 2 decks on mine in 6 years with 2000-2500 miles on it.  Considering buying a new one.  I can't incline anymore (the supports broke) and I am constantly tweaking the belt adjustments with the stupid Allen wrench because it goes too far to one side or the other.  I do need a more heavy duty one as I weigh 190 and run hard so I do AT runs at the gym and use the home one for easy runs.  I'm not breaking out another 400 when this deck goes either.


              When they replaced the belt one time the guy told me that it had fallen 0.6 MPH slow because of the warped deck.  I do lube it but its never been as good as it was new, and it gets constant dust in the basement along with dog hair so at some point the thing will fry.  I don't care about 1000 programs, don't need Jillian Michaels yelling at me, I just need one that's very durable and low maintenance that tells me how fast I'm going.


              But currently the treadmill seems "fast" because an 8:00-8:06 mile on the treadmilll is about 7:40-7:50 with the same effort outside.  Maybe that's because I feel better when I go outside but its a consistent and noticeable difference, even if I've been running outside for weeks on end and run the treadmill for variety. 


              All the treadmills at the gym are the same and feel the same to me when I'm on them, so I guess they are at least periodically checking them, and I still feel worse inside on those than I do outside.



                  Have a Landice and love it. I have to do over 90% of my runs on it because I have 2 kids and run at 10 or 11pm. I keep it clean and have had no issues. I weigh almost 200.

                  I generally feel faster outside and my runs can be 10-20 seconds per mile faster even with hills.

                  I think its more mental than anything else but am able to run faster time trials outside too.