today is my 35th birthday (Read 912 times)

    So, I celebrated by running 35 miles! Damn, I'm old...

    Gotta Flee Em All

      You need one more to grow on, as I did when I turned 39 in February Wink


      Some sweet hills on that course, nice!




        So, I celebrated by running 35 miles! Damn, I'm old...

        but, if you can run your age, that's very impressive. Happy Birthday and awesome job on the 35 miler!!

        Best Present Ever

          I've never before  wished I were 20 again!  good job on the run and happy birthday.

          Consistently Slow

            Happy birthday,by the way, I have T-shirts older than you.

            Run until the trail runs out.

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              Thanks guys! I am glad that I did it. Smile

              Gotta Flee Em All

                How do you feel today?
                  Not too bad. Similar to the day after a marathon. I actually wanted to go for a run, but was too busy. I think I'll go for an easy jog tomorrow though. I need to get rested up - I have a 1/2 marathon on a week from Sunday.

                  Beginner all over again

                    Happy Birthday !


                    Great running achievement too!


                    From someone who can't even run her age in minutes.........


                      Hey! I've run on part of that route (the OCA trail). I did not branch out to the nearby trails for fear that I would get hopelessly lost, you know, like you apparently did! Smile

                        You know when I was your age, I was 35 too....just thought I'd throw that out there
                        Run like you stole it!
                          I guess I must have been 35 once