Weight Watchers Points System (Read 607 times)

    Well, I'm not actually in the program but I have the books and information to get started. Wondering if anyone could tell me the "formula" that you use to figure out points if you have the nutritional info but the food isn't listed in the book(s)? Also, how difficult have you found it when you're eating something that you've made from a recipe? Is it frustrating "dissecting" the ingredients, or pretty simple to add the totals up of the combined ingredients and then divide by the # of servings? This is the only part that has me a little worried as I like to cook and I'm not seeing myself eating lots of core only meals! Any help (& tips) is appreciated!! Smile
      I do Weight Watchers too. If you have the books, maybe you have the little slide rule thing. You look up a given food's total fat, calories, & fiber to determine its points. I don't know of an actual formula. Finding the points for a recipe is trickier. I suppose you could add up all the ingredients points & divide it by how many servings. WW's website has a Recipe Builder that does the work for you but, it's not free. I haven't gone to a WI since before Thanksgiving (got the weighgain to prove it). I'll be starting up again shortly. I do Flex too & find it a pretty effective program if you journal strictly. Although I know a lot of runners switch from Flex to Core as their weekly mileage increases. Good luck.
        This might help: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/kreider/Points.htm
        ---- Cynthia
          I lost 50 lbs following the weight watchers' flex plan, and actually was never a member. I used a points calculator similar to the one that clhagan posted, and it worked well for me. I didn't really have trouble dissecting meals for their points values because I did exactly what you said - added up the cals, fat and fiber for each ingredient, divided by # of servings, and then calculated points for a single serving. Good luck in your weight loss journey!
            Thanks Pete! I guess I'm following both the Core & Flex at the same time! This is day #1, so we'll see how it goes!! I wish you luck too! What made you stop? Too monotonous? Cynthia, thanks a bunch! I got these books back in the fall and googled till i was blue to find the formula. I just assumed WW would still have a tight grip on it, but just googled and found that it's not hard to find. Blush But now that I've got that, think I'm up and running! Thanks again!!
              Yeah, I joined WW's in March of 06. I went from 255 to 218 on my own. I lost another 30 overall doing Weight Watchers last year & I still have 30 to go. I was a little burnt out with the journaling & point counting but, not unlike running I think to be successful it's going to have to be a long term committment to achieve what I want.