Training for sprint test (Read 64 times)


    I've never trained for short sprint races so I have no real world experience in how to prepare for such events. My high school son has a fitness test to pass for spring sports. One of the tests is 10 sprints of 60 yards. Each one must be done in 9 seconds or less. Recovery period in between is 27 seconds. Any advice on how to train over the next 8 weeks ? Or any good resources (articles/websites) ?


      What's best for him depends on what his background is and what his Spring sport demands once he passes the test.


      If he took the test today, how would he do?


      Work on running form using technique drills such as these is beneficial for any type of running. And general aerobic running with some hills, fartleks etc is always a good idea.

      The process is the goal.

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