Cranial Hyperhidrosis (Read 57 times)


    New here and I would like to get back into running after a long hiatus. The main issue keeping me from running is that I've got cranial hyperhidrosis. I sweat buckets from my face and scalp. It's extremely embarrassing and inconvenient.


    Does anyone here have the same issue? If so, were you able to fix it or make it better? How?



      I sweat a lot. I am wiping my eyes every few minutes.

      running or doing physical work all my clothes will be soaked.


      but I have never been embarrassed by it


        We've got 90-degree weather and high humidity this time of year, which doesn't help.I have very fine, thin hair. After just 10 mins or so, I look like I've been hosed down. I put my hair up in a pony and wear a hat, but that makes me sweat even more.

          A five mile run in warm weather leaves my shirt, shorts, and sweat band completely soaked.  As in dripping wet.  Why would working up a sweat be embarrassing?


            Because I've had people stop me before to ask if I need help! My face also gets very flushed and I look distressed. FWIW, I can also be sitting outside in the sun, sipping a cold beverage and I will look like I've been under a firehose after about 20-30min.


            I went to a dermatologist and she diagnosed me, but was not super-helpful beyond telling me to try to apply a roll-on anti-perspirant to my scalp. She said there was also a pill available but that it carried a lot of side effects with it. I was just curious as to whether someone else in this forum has the condition.

              Is there anything serious about this condition, or is it merely embarrassing and inconvenient?  If so, you might consider a custom running shirt with a message such as: "I'm working up a sweat, what are you doing?"  Or "Cranial Hyperhidrosis in action.  Annoying, but not harmful".


              But then, I'm the guy that used to run over to Walmart on a hot day, and go shopping while dripping wet.  So filter accordingly.


              Also, you could check your body temperature before and after running just to make sure that your temperature is OK.  When I run at temperatures less than 80 deg F, my temperature drops one to two degrees F.  If you are doing the same, it would be helpful to know.


                It is not life-threatening. It's just that I get home from a run and look completely insane. It makes me unmotivated to get out and run. I have a treadmill and  do run on that, but it is not the same as being outdoors.


                FWIW, I've run through the pain of an overly-tight LCL and some plica. I had a lateral release and plicectomy a couple years ago.