Can you stand another "My first 5k!" post? (Read 947 times)

    I hope so because here is mine! I ran my first 5k yesterday in an official time of 31:54, which is about 2 min per mile faster than most of my training runs. It was AWESOME! The feeling crossing the finish line was just unbelievable. I placed 122nd out of 334 and my fiance placed 94th out of 191, so for us both being first-timers it was cool to place in the top 50%. All of the finishers received medals, you can see me in all my sweaty and red-faced glory with my new medal in my profile. Cool I am thinking about framing my bib and hanging my medal over it. How corny am I? Clowning around
    ---- Cynthia

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      I am thinking about framing my bib and hanging my medal over it. How corny am I? Clowning around
      Not corny in the least--that's really awesome!!! Sounds like you've been bit by the racing bug--any races planned for the future...? Smile k

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        Kirsten - yes. Today is the start of my second Body for Life 12 week challenge -- I am trying to get in shape for my wedding/honeymoon in June and I had scaled back on the weights earlier this year to train for the 5k. I will still be running but it will be mostly intervals in the next few months. I am hoping that over the summer and into the fall I can get into at least one more 5k. My fiance wants to do the relay race next year which is a 6k for each leg, I think that would be a fun!
        ---- Cynthia
          I am thinking about framing my bib and hanging my medal over it. How corny am I? Clowning around
          Not at all corny. Now how about using your bib and the medal as your avatar? Even that wouldn't be corny. Good job and congrats! Ewa
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            CONGRATS to both you and your fiance!! Nothing wrong with framing your bib!

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              Congrats Cynthia! You look so happy and proud in your picture- what a great feeling! Big grin I'll bet you'll be planning those next races soon. . . . Enjoy the next few months of the challenge, too!

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                Great job!! You guys should be proud!

                Bring it on.

                Now that was a bath...

                  You did great. Isn't that first race exciting. Of course I have only done one race so I can't comment on any further ones! You frame that medal too! Nothing corny about achieving something wonderful and wanting to celebrate it. Big grin Claire xxx
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                    Great Race! The first race is exciting and should be honored, frame the bib for sure. Smile


                    You'll ruin your knees!

                      Awesome job! Lynn

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                        Congrats Cynthia! It sounds like you really had fun, which in my opinion, is the most important thing! Nice time too!! I still have my medal/ bibs from the few races I did a longggg time ago. Framing- you just gave me and idea! Not corny at all. Thanks for the great report and congratulations too on your upcoming wedding! Smile Joni

                          Congrats and great showing your first time out!!!