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    Who has one? Do you love it, leave it or hate it? Leigh


      I love my Nike+. Having said that, it did take a couple tries. The first two kits I obtained were somehow defective. They immediately indicated a low battery condition, warranting replacement. Fortunately, both the running store from which I bought the first one and Nike (to whom I sent the second one) replaced the defective units, and I eventually got the one that's been working great for me since. Apart the initial struggle of getting one that worked [my experience was apparently an anomaly], I don't have much bad to say about the thing. It works great, and has all sorts of surprises. Like, when you ran farther or faster than you've ever done before, you get a little "Way to go" message from some sports star. Lance Armstrong was one, but there are others. The Nike+ website is pretty good. There is another website called Runner+ (runnerplus.com) that works hand-in-glove with N+ adding some neat reporting, journaling, graphing, and shoe tracking features that the Nike website lacks. I'm a fan.

        Hi br, I think it a good product. It's cheap, it's small, I find the voice prompts are useful, and overall it works fairly well. I find it useful on the treadmill, because the treadmill that I use is seriously out of calibration. I do think it has a fatal flaw, and that is you can't replace the battery, so when the battery does die, you need to spend another $30. Not a big deal, since it's not a lot of money for what it does, but I am on my second one, and will probably not get another. I will probably get a GPS next. I think the current Garmin models, which are probably the best, are still a bit big and would really like something smaller, so I may wait for the next generation...I am in no rush...
          I love mine but the one thing I have not yet been able to determine is how to listen to an audiobook using the Nike + and have it remember where I left off for next time! UPDATE: never mind, I just read there is a way to set it to remember in iTunes. So yes, I do love my Nike +!
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            My wife got me one for my birthday about a month ago and I've loved it thus far. It has been reasonably accurate--within around 3-5% accuracy--which is good enough for me. It is great to be able to run wherever I feel like it and not have to worry about mapping my run. It's a good buy for the money in my mind.

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              I gave the Nike+ thing 4 tries. It was the main reason I bought a Nano. I could never get it to work. It drove me insane. I run on a path 50% of the time with half mile markers so I had a really good idea of when it was accurate and when it was not. It just drove me insane with crazy pace information and such. I ran a 20 mile run and it told me I had only run 13. This just frustrated me so much because because at the half way point it starts to count down. So when I would be at mile 10 it would say only 14 more miles to go and I would only have 10 more miles. It would also say your pace is 13 minute mile when I know from the markers and total time that I was at worst going 10 min miles. Sometimes it would be as bad as a 22 min mile pace. Augh drove me crazy as you can tell from this message. I love the idea and the fact it is so cheap. For some people they love it. I love the idea but hate the reality. I could never get it to work. If it did I would never have paid $200 for the Garminator. Best money ever spent. Right before Ultimate TV which was before my TIVO purchase. I think I just might be one of those people who have an odd stride or something that it does not work for. After four tries I figured that was enough. For $20 why not give it a try if you already have the Nano though. You can always return it. If it makes running fun for just one month it is worth the money.
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                Thanks for all the feedback. I actually didn't know it was that cheap - I can't imagine anything with a NIKE swoosh being under $30! I may give it a try. I like the idea of the GPS, but I can;t stand wearing a watch when I run.
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                  I loved mine (past tense). Now that it quit working after only 4 months I am happy with runningahead.com log and am saving for a gps. Sometimes I don't run with my ipod, and there is no way to add that to Nike +. That and it not being entirely accurate really turned me off.
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                    I've had one for a while (it was a gift) but haven't used it yet. I plan on trying it this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.
                      Hi there seeing that a few of you have the Nike + system. Is there anyway that I can Upload my Runningahead Data to the Nike + website? Thanks Chris
                        I love mine. It seems pretty accurate. I love the idea of running of being able to run a virtual hm. Would rather hear just Lance. Who the hell is Paula Radcliff?

                          I love mine. It seems pretty accurate. I love the idea of running of being able to run a virtual hm. Would rather hear just Lance. Who the hell is Paula Radcliff?
                          Who the hell is Paula Radcliffe? Only one of the greatest female athletes of modern times. Current marathon world record holder. A darnsight better road runner than "Lance" and guess what? No drugs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paula_Radcliffe

                            Her Nike+iPod voice prompts sound great too!

                              It's too bad Nike couldn't fit a HR monitor into these things.
                                I've been using one for about 6 months. It's pretty accurate - within about 5% of what I measured from driving and online GPS systems. My biggest complaint is that it is hard to change the songs on the arm band while you are running. I saw that Timex recently released a watch that will control the iPod. They've been talking about making a heart rate monitor attachment, but haven't heard anything concrete about it.