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    This will be my 6th year of distance running. I'm going into my senior year of cross country, so I don't think my form will ever change (which I'm fine with). But I have a very weird running style. I'm an extremely fore footed runner, and I pronate to the outside of my foot. Which absolutely destroys my shoes. All of my shoes have a very short life span, because a certain part will become unusable even though most of the shoe is intact. I need help finding a shoe that will withstand summer training, and hopefully throughout cross country.But to me, what matters the most would be to find a shoe that is made for the way I run. I've considered going to minimal shoes because of the fact that my heel rarely touches the ground and I'm just carrying unnecessary weight. I'm extremely new to the forums, but i'm hoping to get some good suggestions. These shoes are (unfortunately) my current trainers. Needless to say I NEED a new pair of trainers.

    Here's a link to pictures of my current shoes: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/yx6fhvnp9utfk5h/AAA0UclZ5qHo4kDye_OGkiOQa

    Still kicking

      I trash shoes just like that! I've resorted to using Shoe-Goo to build up the high wear area. This also keeps the shoe level so my toe does't try to bust out the side so bad. I've applied Shoe-Goo to my current pair of trainers three times now, and they just went over 900 miles last week.

      I'm also on Athlinks and Strava