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    Is it OK to put running sneakers in the washer? I wore mine in a heavy rainstorm and through several puddles and even though I left them outside to dry out they smell really really gross--as in they can't even be in the apartment right now gross. They have to be washed somehow but they are relatively new (only 85 miles) so I don't want to ruin them or damage the cushioning. I tried spraying them with Febreeze, but it didn't help. What's the best way to wash them?

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      How long did you give them to dry out? I've found that after my shoes get wet, it helps to pull the insoles out, put some newspaper in, and let them dry in the garage (or maybe the balcony/porch, in your case). Fully soaked shoes typically dry out in a couple days, and once they're fully dry (midsoles too), the smell mostly goes away.
        They got wet on Friday morning. I pulled out the insoles, loosened the laces and left them on the porch until yesterday. I didn't put newspaper in though. The mesh outer part smells slightly better today, but the midsole is still gross- but maybe it's not fully dry yet. Ill give them a few more days.. thanks!
          Maybe spray some odor eaters on them? I've heard that stuffing newspaper into wet shoes helps they dry faster
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            Maybe spray some odor eaters on them? I've heard that stuffing newspaper into wet shoes helps they dry faster
            The newspaper thing works well. It's especially good if you're rotating 2 prs of shoes; 48 hours between runs, with newspapers stuffed in, seems to do the trick. I recommend using the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, at least in your right shoe.

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              I throw mine in the washer.


                How old are they?
                They're still pretty new- just got them at the end of May. I alternate them with another pair. I'd be more apt to throw them in the washer if they weren't so new, but I don't want to kill all the cushioning and support this early in the game. I need to go find a newspaper, I already recycled mine.
                  don't wash your shoes in the dryer and if you do, definitely don't throw them in the dryer. washing and especially drying) can really mess them up since they are for the most part glued together. also, it can damage the technical materials used. drying them in a dryer can also shrink shoes. if you must wash them, use cold water in the since with some kind of gentle soap/detergent (ideally either a foam cleaner, Win detergent or Penguin sport wash). i've found that the quickest safe way to dry shoes is get a little fan (say 10-12 in diameter) and set them in front of that. they're be dry within a couple hours so they won't get all mildewy and musty smelling.