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    Nathan!  Big Congrats on meeting and exceeding your goal!!!  Those splits are a thing of beauty.  If I could run splits that evenly I'd print it out, frame it and stick it on a wall.

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      Nathan - You rocked that thing! Awesome race and awesome splits!  Celebrate big time for that one!

      Ready, go.



      If you ask

        Nathan - Way to go!!!   Not that I'm surprised, but I am very impressed!!  Whoot Whoot!!!!


        miele - way to keep up the mileage, and wha a great race!!    As I said about my 5k, my pacing really stinks too, especially the shorter distances. I just want to get to that darn finish line as fast as I can and end the suffering.   I would love for my DH to use that tactic on me, but more often, like after dinner, he could grab me and say, "you're not as hungry as you think!!  Put down that (pie, cookie, whoopie pie, et al)". Could work...


        Zelanie - I think that when we focus on one event, we benefit naturally with any other races we do.   Do you enjoy the track?  I would sure like it more if I had a group to train with.


        Stever - good luck with the 5k.  I sure hope you PR, but be careful bc you're supposed to be tapering.  Haha, advice from me of all people!!


        Tara - I hope you feel better, and I like your attitude!  Sometimes it's just not worth it if one is ill.


        Wolfie - nice pic.   It looks like a great place to run.  Congrats on registering for the full.  I'm sure you will kill it.  The race is the 26 of December?   That should be a great week before to taper.


        Jan - I'm glad your injury was short-lived.   A whoopie pie is chocolate cake-like cookies with cream in between.  Delish.   I thought of you this week as I returned to work with the 5th graders.  I like the kids, but they sure require patience!


        Lurch - welcome to the wonderful world of marathon training.  There sure are quite a few of us!  The Hoover dam run sounds really great.


        Me -  well, Miele, I didn't run the half marathon.  My dad went back into the hospital on Friday night (failed stress test, again) and I awoke (after a crazy, busy week) on Saturday morning with a sore throat. Uh oh!  Is this a cold???? Decided to not race and instead met my friend for a nice 12 mile run.   I'm okay with not running the race, my legs were still pretty beat up when I ran a hilly semi long run on Weds.    This week I seriously get on point for training.  I hope.... Unless something ELSE happens... I may just stay in bed, hidden under the covers...

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          nathan-excellent race, and fantastic PR as well. Pacing was spot on too.


          me-ran our 5K race at the Grande Vadrouille (west of Montreal), about 480 people doing it this year. The weather was fantastic, about 14°C (57F), overcast and a slight wind. I had all kinds of doubts for this race, just one week out of my first Full. And coming back from a knee injury in late June.

          The race started of well, kept pace with a second group (all the sub 20min runners were way off in the distance). I didn't notice the markers for the 1st and 2nd KM, so had no idea were I was in regards to time . I ran most of the race from 2k mark on my own, nobody behind, and few runners that I picked off. But at 3K, my time was about 13:15. Did a few quick calculations in my head (carried the one, divided by 5...) and figured it was looking good. At 4K, my watch showed 18:05, so I figured I needed about a 4m40s last K to PR.  Well, I crossed the line with a chip time of 22:33, which is a 12sec PR.

          DW ran a strong race too, she crossed at 26:00, only 3 sec off her PR from last year. She was super happy, knowing that she could keep a good pace heading into her second HM next week.


          Now to taper the rest of the week, eat well and sleep more than usual.


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          You Rang?

            Jan 26.2 - I suffer from dumbass syndrome too.  Oh no wait, you are referring to running.....right? Smile


            Wolfwalker - Thanks for the race report and holy cow!  Look at those splits!  Congratulations on the shiny new PR!  Have fun with the full marathon.  BTW, where is there a full marathon on the day after Christmas?  I went looking for a half marathon race as a tune up for my January full marathon.  The only thing I could find that was near me was the Hoover Dam Half on December 15 th.


            TaraC - Get well!


            Zelanie  - Do you find running with a group/club useful?  To me running is a solitary affair.  It's just me and my thought.  On easy runs I compose my thoughts.  On tempo workouts, I think about holding the pace.  I've found a local running club that meets on Wednesday nights.  I'm hesitant to join as I do not want another week day night out away from the family.


            Npaden - Thanks for the race report and congratulations on the sub 45 time and Clydesdale division win!


            EdithRevisited  - Hope dad is ok, and I hope your stress levels drop.


            Stever1966 - Congratulations on the PR and your DW's strong race.


            Me  - Week one of Pfitz's 18/55 is in the books.  33 miles this week including 16 on the streets of Richmond BC Canada.  Running while on a business trip is a great thing to do.  See a different streets, trees and people.  Besides, what are my other choices?  Sit in my hotel room and work?  or drink?  or work and drink?


            I'm beginning to wonder if Pfitz's 18/55 is a good plan for me?  It comes from a book called Advanced Marathoning.  Advanced Marathoning?  This is my first marathon!  Maybe I should be using the book entitled Beginning Marathoning by the John Bingham or Jeff Galloway?  Nah.  I'll stick with this.


            When I get home (I'm at the airport now) I think I'll register for the Hoover Dam half and my alma mater's 5k.  The Hoover Dam Half is a trail race from the parking lot/staging area where they build the dam, along the former railroad line they used to haul the men and materiel that built the dam and back.  I've never done a trail race before.  Should be interesting.  Also, the closest town to Hoover Dam is Las Vegas.  Vegas!


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              Thanks everyone for the comments.  Really felt good to met my goal that I know I'd worked so hard for.


              Here's my finish photo.  I was focused on making it in.  Somewhere in there I guess I lost my right leg from the knee down! Big grin


              Stampede finish

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                Congrats, Nathan, and that pic is probably worthy of posting in what is your finish face look like!

                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                  nathan-nice running and great picture. Looks like you're giving a 1-2 punch!


                  edith-Hope all is well with your dad. Sending well wishes from the great white north.


                  me-6 more sleeps before the big one.....


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                    Edith-  Sorry to hear your Dad had to go back into the hospital.  I hope he's stabilized and back home again.  Completely understand why you decided to drop out of the HM.   Hoping the sore throat turned out to be nothing.  Oh, and if DH ever tried to keep me from food he just might lose an arm.   We both need to work on our short-race pacing.


                    stever-  Congrats on the PR!!!  Your DW was sooooo close to a new PR, too, but she finished strong and now has the confidence to go kill it in the HM.  Great races for both of you.  Now rest up!


                    Lurch-  Yes, stick with the 18/55.  If you're feeling unusually fatigued just drop a speed workout or two.  Try to get the mileage in as easy runs.  That's what I did, anyway.


                    Nathan-  Great pic!  Just think what you could've done had you run with two legs.


                    Tara-  How're you feeling?


                    me-  Finished last week with 50 miles.  Today I ran 6 in the morning and 4 in the evening with the group.  I really need to calm down.  My legs still don't seem to be fully recovered from the 10k over a week ago.  Of course I only took one day off on Wed. so that might explain it.   And then there are the intervals tomorrow...........I'm thinking of signing up for an inaugural race in Berkeley which takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I was planning a 10k at that time but the other one is a little farther away so for convenience sake it looks like it'll be Berkeley.

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                    CT JEFF

                      Hey Guys -


                      I did my 2nd to last practice for my upcoming Half. Not too thrilled. A week ago I did the course (the right way - downhill then uphill) and I hit a time about 2:08, a new PR, and barefoot. - Yes MIELE barefoot as in nothing on the bottom of my feet. "Barefoot shoes are an oxymoron". So, last week was better. This week, I felt good and the course seemed nicer because it was familiar. I started in the middle (closest spot to home) then went uphill, then downhill. I went out a little fast, but other than that (and the hill?) not sure why I didnt do as well. 2:11 time. Had a guy pull up next to me in a pickup truck today and said, "this course hurts my feet with shoes. how do you do it?"


                      LURCH yes, being in the top 10% at Disney is a big deal. (technically, there is also an ELITE category above A I think). I dont have any family or friends at this upcoming race, so I plan to move up in the corrals. Sooner I get out there, sooner I get to the after-party. Sooner I get out there, less standing around I have to do. So, for a sub 10:00 time, I should be able to get into C. Id have to beat 2:00 to be in B. Currently Im listed in D (because I did a HM in the heat and had to walk a couple times) - I can go to the Expo and move up if I get my good time end of the month. I want to make sure it crush 2:11. I dont want them to reject me for Gun time. Also, I guess in 2014, they wont let people move around corrals at the Expo.


                      As for the group goal. sub 2:00. I love this goal. But... I dont think its going to happen for me in 2013. Theoretically, if I lose the 10-20 lbs that I can easily do without, I should be able to make the time, but Im just running out of time in 2013. Ive met a lot of goals in 2013. I'll just shoot for the best PR I can. My last (only) HM was 2:14. My goal is sub 2:08.

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                        Jeff-  The good thing about running is all the milestones you achieve on the way to your big goal.  So if you run out of time this year for your sub-2 goal it's no biggie.  You'll get it next year.


                        Zelanie-  How was your race?  Thought of you and your track workouts this morning while I was running in circles on my local track.


                        Just got back from the track and I'm pretty pleased with my results.  Did the killer ladder workout:  400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 with 400 recovery intervals.  I wanted to try and maintain a 7:30 pace.  Ended up averaging a 7:26, I think.  My slowest was the 1600 @ 7:31 and I had a couple of shorter ones @ 7:21.  That was a hard workout but I always feel good afterwards when I hit the paces.  I need a nap.

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                          Hi all,

                          It’s been awhile since I came to this thread. I was curious to see what everyone is up to and decided to check it out.


                          Miele – great workout on the track.


                          Lurch – nice training week including a 16 miler.


                          EdithRevisited – its cool that even though you didn’t race, you still got a 12 miler.


                          Npaden – great 10k. Congratulations! You are very discipline and it’s great to see you achieving your race goals.


                          Zelanie – it’s great that your are pleased with your pace and the fact that you are excited about your next three races.


                          stever1966 – good luck with your first marathon


                          TaraC – sorry to hear that you are not going to make your race. There are always other races that one can run.


                          Me – I am taking it easy. Averaging low 20s mile/week for last 6 months and going to run low teens miles/week for next few weeks.


                          Super B****

                            I'm way way way too far behind to do personals... but I know there have been some awesome PRs since I've last checked in, so congrats on those!


                            As for me, ITBS has been kicking my butt.  I have a half in a month, and while I wasn't really going to attempt to PR in this one anyway (I won an entry to it -- I'm planning to do flatter ones in November and February), it will be a miracle if I can manage 1:50, considering that right now I can't even run five without my knee screaming bloody murder.


                            I'm doing a mile race this weekend, and I've decided to skip the warmup -- it takes a mile or so for my knee to start hurting, and it actually hurts less when I'm running faster, so if I don't warm up beforehand I might be able to make it through the race pain-free.  And then I get to take a week off, because, I mean, it's not like I have a half coming up, or anything.



                            chasing 5:59


                            because i never shut up ... i blog

                              Stever1966 - good luck on your marathon!


                              miele - sounds like your training is going well, remember the most important thing is staying healthy!


                              I'm sure I've missed a bunch, but it's been hectic getting ready to go on my trip.  Potentially no running for as many as 8 or 9 days coming up for me which will be the longest streak of not running since 2011 I think.  Last year on this trip I was able to sneak in a 3 mile run somewhere in the middle of the trip so I'm going to bring my running clothes just in case.

                              Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                              Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


                                Ok, gang, I have decided to give up on catching up and just jump back in.  I read along intermittently, run short of time, feel guilty if I don't have time for personals,  and then don't respond!  I decided I would just jump back in and keep up from here, rather than keep trying to get caught up.

                                Last couple months have been nuts - new baby doctors start every year in July, and it's always chaos until we get them a little bit settled in and organized again.  I've worked way too many hours, and my brain seems to always be busy.

                                I've been running (and running, and running ...) and am still trying to decide what my fall goal race is.  I'd like to run Indianapolis Monumental and make another BQ attempt, but I have some logistic challenges with that.  Plus, I ran a half last weekend hoping to guage my current fitness and it was kind of a disaster.  Kansas City weather picks the week I want to race to turn into a sauna, go figure.  It hit 101F the day of the race, and even though the half started at 7 am, it was so humid, already low 80s, and it was also on a hilly course.  I ended up being 4 minutes slower than last year on the same course (but 25 degrees cooler last year!) and feeling terrible the whole time.  It definitely wasn't a confidence booster, that's for sure, although I don't think I can use it predict anything given the weather.  The week after, however, I ran 64.5 miles, did an 800 interval workout at 7:3x pace, and ran a comfortable 20 miler, so then I started hoping again.  What to do, what to do...