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    I'll be doing this marathon someday. I've driven around Rotorua many times when i was doing my Master's Thesis fieldwork.

    Now that was a bath...

      Roturua - what a place! John and I stayed there for a while and had to leave when the sulphur smell got too bad one day. Hey, the race that I did in Waiheke is famously used as a training run for this one and Lydiard described Rotorua as one of the world's harder marathons! That said I couldn't find anything on the website that made it look 'hard' and quite obviously Lydiard never got to hear about Trent. Well, I guess that's all relative anyhow, as running a marathon is rarely going to be easy for most of us mortals. I'll definitely be up for running it with you too. Might be the only chance I get to run with one of my RA buddies! Claire xxx
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        I can see how this would be a harder marathon..lots (i mean lots) of rolling hills on the northern half of the route, some of them not so rolling but pretty steep. Makes sense that the Waiheke run is used as training run to get ready for the hills. What would make it even harder is that instead of spectators, you'll have gazillion 'sheep'tators looking at you like you're silly Smile. What would be a good and crazy race would be to do the Tongariro Crossing...that would be something. I'm hoping within the next two - three years to take the family down there. I miss New Zealand.