Best running application for iPhone 5? (Read 134 times)


    I had recently used runkeeper. But now the GPS just sucks. Went for a 2 mile run with a 2 mile walk back. The 2 mile run registered correctly, and the 2 mile walk back registered as 1.25 miles.

    So any good apps for running? I don't care if they cost money either.

    Thank you very much Smile


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      I would be interested in the answers to this also. Runkeeper is garbage lately. About 3 minutes in the other day I got the 1 mile update. Either I was feeling "really good" that day, ran through a worm hole" or runkeeper is screwy.  This morning runkeeper logged 7.55 miles and my garmin logged 6.72. Runkeeper used to be pretty spot on! Not so much lately.


        I've been using iSmoothRun for a while, and I like it.


          Does anyone know if the Nike one is perhaps any good?

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            I use the Nike+ app.  I like it and it's accurate +/- .1 of a mile over most of my runs (usually 4+ miles or so).

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              I tried a bunch of them and measured against results from my Garmin and my car's odometer. I live in a rural area in upstate NY. I wasn't too pleased with any of the results, but the mapmyrun app was most accurate. The others were varying degrees of unacceptable, with runkeeper being the worst (regularly 25% short).

                I'm a big fan of Runmeter.  I had previously used MapMyRun.  Sometimes it's hard to tell where the inaccuracies come from.  Is it the phone's crappy GPS receiver or the app?  One thing I do to help is to turn off WiFi when I'm running.  Most people are unaware that phones will use any WiFi spots (not just the ones you tell it to connect to) to get quick location data.  This data doesn't always play well with the GPS data and can cause anomalies.  Also, you need to wait for data from three satellites before you hit that Start button for your run, or else you may have a bogus location.  I like that Runmeter gives you "bars" for GPS signal and tells you when you are ready to go.



                  I actually just tried the Nike+ one today, this one also tells you GPS signal strength, which is nice.  But this app seems to do well, it accurately measured my run.


                    I'm partial to the Nike+ app. I like the social aspect (competing with friends) of it. I just wish it supported true Garmin import (and not the workaround that currently exists).

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                      I use Strava. As far as I know it is pretty accurate, I've never had anything to compare it with though. There is also a web based portion of it that tracks things for you like personal bests at several different distances (1/2 mile, 1K, 1 mile,  5K, and 10K), offers some challenges, and some other bells and whistles. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it for a free app.


                      The only problem  I have with it is that it seems like you can get too wrapped up with personal bests, and the segments they let you create and end up over training by always trying to go faster.

                        I've been okay with runkeeper. It seems to give me numbers comparable to my Garmin. But now I'm worried both might be wrong--I mapped my usual course using RA and it reads as longer. I'm going to try a few of these now and see what numbers I get.

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