Ready for my first marathon! (Read 153 times)

Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

    Bobev - find out if they gave pace groups in your marathon in Feb.  I knew I could run faster in first half - but didn't want to start out too fast and then crash and burn.  I found a 5:25 pace group that was doing a run/walk thing (run 2 min/walk 1 min) and that got me through the first half at a good but not too great pace.  After that I couldn't maintain that pace but continued the run/walk strategy on my own - and finished in 5:50.  Not a great time for many -but accomplished my goal of finishing.  It was generally comfortable - and I never felt that it was out of my reach.  I wish you success.  Your 20 miler in training should let you know how best to approach your race.


    I'll be sure to check on the pace groups. Past experience doing Halves in "Fit City" as Austin, TX is known indicates there is a good chance that there won't be any slow pace groups. Its a great suggestion! Thanks! BTW: I'm following a modified Galloway Marathon training plan doing 3/1's with targeting time on feet as training objective. Want to see what 6hrs on feet feels like before racing it! My goal is to finish of course, most likely sub 6, with stretch goal of 5:30


    degregorius: Yes it is. I came close to a PB doing the Austin Half last year on those killer hills. But living and training here provides many opportunities to "tune" up and be prepared for them.


    cheers ya'll!

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