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    I'm afraid of widths

    Skooter 2.5

      I'm all about some high ropes courses! Heights rule.


         The fact that we are usually born with a fear of heights tells me that I'm not supposed to get myself into predicaments where I could go plunging to my death. Tongue


        since I recieved an A in my 1-credit child development course 20 years ago I will draw on my vast knowledge from that course and tell you that children crawling over clear panels do not develop a fear on falling until close to 1 year in age. 

        In an infinite universe, the one thing sentient life cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion






          I'm afraid of widths

           if ur talking off widths... me too. thats some hard shit right there.

          1 mile: 5:41 2 mile: 11:43 5k: 19:56 Goals 1 mile: 5:30 2 mile: 12:00 5k:18:00 Dominate!