Better run after XT? (Read 228 times)

    I have been going to an exercise class after work.  It's not super intense, just 45 minutes of mostly bodyweight strength exercises with some flexibility, stretching, and balance and a little bit of cardio.  It's enough to give me a little bit of jelly muscles the day of, some DOMS the next day, nothing too drastic through.


    The last few classes have fallen on running days for me, so I've gone out for my regular run anywhere between 1 and 3 hours after class.  And without fail, every single run has felt great right from the start.  There's too much time between them for me to still be warmed up at all.  Is it that I'm starting my run with stretched muscles that's making the difference?

      IMO the "warm up" last few hours after any exercise. I notice this when I practice, too. However it  has to be at least 40min of exercises. My most comfortable run was after swimming. I felt relaxed and light. Smile

        My best runs are almost always the lunctime runs after a morning run. Your body definitely still taking advantage of the earlier loosening up.

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