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    Looks like I posted in the wrong category and I can't figure out how to move the post. I'm 1+ week out from my HM. I have a dr appt next week to see if they can clarify what might be going on. Full post here and I appreciate your insights & suggestions.
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      I was in exactly this situation before my Waiheke race. I came out of a knee injury strong but from the day I went back to running (two weeks before race) I had issues with my lower ankle and shin. If you browse through my log you will see that entries post-recovery from the knee 927th Dec onwards) mentions my right ankle/leg. I kept running through this with low mileage, no hills, lot's of ice and lot's of ibuprofen. This was probably (retrospectively) the begining of shin splints which either worsened considerably during the race or possibly progressed to a stress fracture. I am little Miss Type A as well and it burns me to the core to not be out there every day. It would be stupid of me to say 'Don't do the race' because I sure as hellfire did mine and I don't even regret it despite the time off now. But it does breeze through my mind a few times a day that the hard race plus my personality was an accident waiting to happen. If I were you I would DNS if I wasn't going to run it, but that's just me. It went through my mind every time I thought about the race beforehand that I knew I wouldn't be careful. I too had a run/walk plan - run up the hills and walk down them - whatever! I ran every darn step I physically could and then some. I knew I would probably get injured. I thought though that it would be my knee but I honestly didn't care. I wanted to run it to the max. Will you be like me and run it even though you shouldn't? Does down time bother you? I am an all or nothing girl. I would rather run it full out or stay at home on the couch plotting my dastardly return in the next race. Good luck with the doctor's appointment. I wish you were here. It's so easy to access sport's medicine for free. Maybe the appointment will be a turning point though. You might find that you can run on it with good strapping and good advice? My finger's are crossed for you and if you do go for it, we'll be here cheering you on! Claire xxx
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        I was in a really similar place 3 weeks ago. Oddly enough I also got to 8 miles in my HM training (back around Thanksgiving) before my pains started. They are in my foot and not shins, but still. I was told it was a stress fracture and I had to do a cast and crutches so cross training wasn't even an option for me. By the time I had an MRI that showed no stress fracture and I started walking again it was mid-January. My race was supposed to be Jan 28th. I thought maybe I could still do it, but I had lost so much fitness by then and I knew with my (also Type A) personality that once I got to the race and had the adrenaline, I wouldn't take it easy and I would have probably wound up hurting myself even more. I opted for the DNS. It sucked that 1) I worked hard to get towards a goal and I really wanted to complete it and 2) I felt sad every time I thought about missing the race and 3) I lost the $50 registration fee, but I know I made the right call (bonuses of not have to wake up at 4 AM and not getting poured on by rain for the first 30 minutes of the race which wound up happening). Overall, it's your call. You have been able to cross train, which gives you a huge advantage cardiovascularly. But if you think you're going to push yourself (adrenaline is a great painkiller) and end up even more hurt, then maybe you should wait for another chance. I'm still planning to do a HM sometime this summer, even if it is a virtual race. Of course, I'm still injured despite not doing the race, so don't take my advice too much. Good luck with whatever you end up deciding to do. Smile