road runner sports unveils new gimmick (Read 226 times)

    I just saw a "news" story about Road Runner Sports adding another gimmick to their arsenal of maximizing profits by duping customers into getting "custom orthotics" that they don't need. Now they are using lasers to measure and diagnose your feet. Now you can have gait analysis, pressure pad imagery, AND laser measurements telling you that you need to purchase "custom orthotics" from RR sports; or you will fall over while running and burst into flames.


    Having first-hand experience with the hard sell of "custom orthotics" at RR sports, I feel sorry for the gullible or polite customers that go through the door of any RR sports. I assume that all the clerks are held prisoner in the back and paid solely on commission, judging on how hard they try to engage with meaningless small talk ("I like your socks") and sell you something, ANYTHING, as if their lives depended on it. It's a sad place to shop, so I don't go anymore.

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    runnin gal

      Road Runner is no different from any other business trying to stay competitive, the local running store in my area offers the same type of thing.  I don't feel that they are trying to dupe anybody, they're just offering a service that you are free to make use of or not.  It's no different than having other training and recovery aids for sale.  You are certainly free to shop elsewhere but I don't see the point of running them down for something that others may find helpful.


        I must give off the crusty old runner vibe because they never ask me about insoles.

          Does your local running store try to scare you into buying their proprietary products by saying you'll have career ending injuries if you run another week without them? And that 100% of people shopping there are recommended to purchase these insoles? Maybe it's just the 3-4 RRS I've been to, and the particular staff working at the time. Really, it's only like 15-20 people out of the entire company that I've interacted with, so maybe it's a coincidence and not some sort of sales training.


          Of course I'll run them down for being greedy and dishonest. I've been triggered and provoked. But I'll still buy stuff off their returns table! 

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            Why so Surly, Bill?

              Why so Surly, Bill?


              I've been sick for over a week and haven't been able to run.


              that explains a lot. at least for the last week, the rest of the time, not so much.

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                I definitely see them pushing the insoles on the newbies when I’m in RRS.  They like to push their socks as well.


                  I ran a short race last night at our local school, just 2 miles. Half was on grass, which was squishy from all the recent rains, and I did not like that. I did manage to place 1st in my age group of 7, and it was the fastest I have run since I broke my arm......even though it was much slower than I ran a year ago.


                  I will probably have a few extra miles this week.

                    The only thing I ever purchase at road runner sports is there custom orthotics, have been using them for a few years now.


                      How do you delete a comment you make on this forum?

                        At one time back in the 90s I ordered much of my gear from Road Runner, including the expensive inserts. I decided to pay to join as a member because I would save money on new shoes with the discount. Soon after they sent a membership packet, mostly like catalogs and promotional stuff and charged like $10 or more S&H on this unsolicited and unneeded item, completely eliminating whatever discount savings I expected from the membership. What a ripoff! 

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                        In it for the long run..

                          I’m a member still and have saved a ton of money.  I also shop locally, but RRS has such a selection and my reward money adds up nicely.  The price can be up to $50 less than locally.  I always order online and have never had any issues or bait and switch stuff.

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