Shin slpints (Read 597 times)

    Hey was wondering if anyone had some info for me on shin splints. A fellow runner of mine, female gets sore shins two days after she runs and she is not sure why and what may be causing it. Is it from lack of muscle growth in het legs or due to improper footwear or from something we have not thought about. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mike.

      Hey Psydog! Shin splints are, unfortunately, a very common and pesky running problem. We had some discussion about it in this forum last may: http://www.runningahead.com/frm_topic.aspx?id=a9b67424df98461c888d62c629364125 There aren't any easy answers, but maybe that will be a place to start. Also, I once read some stuff on this site: http://www.drpribut.com/sports/spsport.html I don't agree with everything he recommends (must use good judgement getting medical advice on the internet! Shocked ) but there is at least some info to get you started. Check out the "shin splints" and "Avoiding injuries" links.
        Could be improper shoes or just too much too fast. Here is an article from Runners world http://www.runnersworld.com/cda/toolscontent/0,7156,s6-241-290-291-529-0,00.html?toolName=What%20Hurts?

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          Thanks for the feedback. Will apss this on to my running friend and it sounds more like to much to hard and not enough rest between running. Guess she will really have to watch her pace and slow down and spread out her runs before she reall gets hurt. Thanks again, that is what i love about this site, ask a question and you get honest and helpful hints and tips. Thanks again and good running.Mike