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Uncle Dude

    I'm gonna try to make this short, to the point. Runner turned smoker (Booo.... hisss....) Quit smoking Jan10th 2010, (27 yrs, pack a day, 46 years old) that's the day I decided I was gonna run a half marathon. Not "I want to run" , rather "I'm going to run"  So, I quit, I trained, listened to my body, stayed motivated and watched the miles increase and the confidence grow. Fought through a bad achilles, never gave into the voices during the long runs. Completed a double digit run about 5 weeks ago, 10 miles. Cloud 9. But I had more to give. Attempted 12 miles more than once, but never quite made the distance. Poor fueling on my part, not enough rest in between long runs, etc etc. Today, 8 days before my race, 12.23 miles fell by the wayside. (1:42:33) Cloud 9 and beyond! My goal for the Half was under 2hrs....now I'm thinking under 1:50 ....Life is good. I'm back and I'm ready.


    Donn Born Again Runner 2010 Half Marathon 4-25-10 Glass City 1:55:55 5K < 23:00 Just Run

      Congrats, Donn. Thats Great!


      Princess Cancer Pants

        Wow, I love reading stories like that!  And I'm so glad to hear that you quit smoking BEFORE you had any serious health issues.  Took a stroke to get my dad to quit.

        Good luck on your race...I think <1:50 is definitely do-able. Smile

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          Sounds like you'll do great!  Be sure to taper well in the remaining eight days.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

          Intentionally Blank

            Yay!  Can't wait to hear how the race goes.

              Way to go!  Sub 1:50 is very doable. 

              +1 on what LedLincoln said.  You don't want to train so hard for something, and then not do as well as possible because of a lack of a taper.

              Be sure to let us know how you do!

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                Today, 8 days before my race, 12.23 miles fell by the wayside. (1:42:33) Cloud 9 and beyond!

                That's great stuff Donn. With that run in the bank and some raceday magic from pinning on a bib, you've got the formula for a great run. Enjoy it, you've earned it.

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                Uncle Dude

                  Mission accomplished. I ran the race in 1:55:55, a bit off my goal for time, but that was a secondary goal. Just finishing was the priority. And trust me, around mile 10 it was in doubt...anyway, I was 00:54: and change at the split and was feeling good. Then everything changed.   Next time it's sub 1:45:00 or bust...

                  Donn Born Again Runner 2010 Half Marathon 4-25-10 Glass City 1:55:55 5K < 23:00 Just Run

                    very nice! congrats!

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                      Seems like you've caught the bug!

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