different distance from garmin .gpx file import vs. garmin connect (Read 109 times)

Anjali A


    I"m new to running ahead.  My garmin 310 xt automatically sends it's data to garmin connect.  from there I export the .gpx file to running ahead.  It seems like the data is always off both in time and distance.  Wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and if there is a fix?  Right now I am manually entering mile split times to get the numbers to match up.  It would be nice to not have to do this each time.  Thanks!

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      I tried using the .gpx file format a few times and noticed some oddities so I never used it again.  I would either 1) try importing as a .fit file.  It seems like I couldn't find an option for that, but maybe I missed something  or 2) just import from your 310 into both apps.  After you import the data into garminconnect, then go to runningahead -> Training Log -> Tools -> Import training data... -> Upload from GPS.  That will allow you to do an import of just the new stuff exactly like the garmin connect upload page works.

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        Import From File includes "Garmin FIT (fit)" nowadays.

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          Anjali A,

          Without seeing the data, I won't know what the problem is, assuming there is a problem.  There are several causes to the disparity, including Garmin did not properly export the data.  I have not seen any problems with the way RA is processing the data.


          That said, instead of manually exporting the data from Garmin, why don't you import your data to RA directly from your GPS?  It's quicker and less work on your part.


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          Anjali A

            Hey Guys,

            Thanks for the responses.  I did try to do a direct download from my 310xt into running ahead, but the garmin communicator plugin doesn't seem to work properly for chrome.  What I mean is that RA doesn't recognize that the plugin is installed even though when I click on communicator, it can locate my garmin as connected and identifies it properly.


            As for the Garmin fit file,  I did not see that as a format option for exporting data from garmin connect.  I just get an option for  tcx and gpx files along with google earth.


            I will try to redownload communicator at some point and work out that issue.  The problem is that my ANT+ stick is attached to my desktop computer which I rarely use.  Again , not a big issue. I can keep editing the data each time.  Thanks again!

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              The 310xt creates local fit files on your computer in the process of uploading the data to garminconnect, doesn't it?


              That is, doesn't all the data come from your watch onto your computer, before it goes to garminconnect?


              So if you import from the data on your computer, that would avoid having to pull the data back down from garminconnect, I would think.

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              Anjali A

                Oh, ok, that makes sense.  I don't check the  raw data files, I just log into garmin connect after I get the alert that the data from my watch has been transferred.  I did find that the distances and the splits are correct when I download the tcx file so I have been doing that instead of the .gpx file.  Thanks again!