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eric :)

    Hi everyone,

    I switched RunningAHEAD.com to the new servers a couple of hours ago. The transition was smooth as a whole but I discovered a problem that should have been caught during testing. It doesn't affect the website in any way, just an administrative hassle until I find the fix.


    As I mentioned in a earlier post, due to the large amount of data, copying the data over the internet will take days if not weeks, even though the files are already highly compressed. The only feasible way to move the data from the old server to the new one is by copying the data to a hard drive first, then copying the data to the new server.


    I made the copy on July 30, which means the workout files you imported since July 30 are not on the server yet. I am copying the missing data to the new server right now. It may take up to 24 hours to complete so please don't be alarmed if you don't see your workout data right now.


    You should notice the site to be more responsive. The pages should load faster. Hopefully, the new set of servers will be adequate for at least 3 or 4 years.


      Great work, Eric!  Looking forward to putting the new server through it's paces...Thanks!

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        Tank you very much Eric!

        Keeping Pace

          Thanks for your hard work.  I love the website, and it helps me keep up with my workouts.


            Thanks Eric.  The pages are loading very fast for me now.


              i've seen a performance improvement as well

              Am I doing this right?

                Yes, the site is very peppy this morning.

                No excuses....

                A Saucy Wench

                  ooooh I feel the need to run a report on something

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                    I have a case of the mondays. No TPS report for me.


                    War Eagle!

                      Hi Eric!


                      Great job!  Thank you very much for the job you do for us.



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                        I have noticed faster speed even on Blackberry opening pages.

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                          Thank you for all your work Eric!  We appreciate it!  Smile


                            Thanks for all your hard work, Eric!

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                              Thanks so much!!  This site is fantastic.  Appreciate it even more will all of the Garmin Connect troubles over the past couple of weeks.

                              eric :)


                                The copying of the missing files is taking longer than anticipated.  The copy program date filter function could not handle the large number of new files.  I switched to a different method to copy the files.  It will take longer but should work.