Something to use in place of ankle weights? (Read 970 times)


    I would like to do some strengthening exercises for my hamstring and found some great "strength training" moves on runnersworld but i'm in Europe and don't have ankle weights. Can anyone think of anything I could use in place of them? Something that I could find in my house? I'd really owe it to you if you have an idea. Smile
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      Instead of using weights, you can achieve the same thing via resistance training by using something really stretchy such as the bicycle inner tube. That should be easy to find in Europe given the popularity of the sport. Tie the inner tube around an inmovable object such as the radiator, and the other end to your ankle. Lay on your stomach and pull on the inner tube. You will have to find that perfect distance to give the correct amount of resistance.

        If you're talking about running with ankle weights on, really any sort of weights will do. Regardless if their wrist weights, ankle weights, or just something you hold in your hands while running, I've found that the added weight affects your legs the same way. Of course, I speak from my own experience only. And as far as my training goes, I really just make stuff up as I go.
          deadlifts Just make sure you start out with lighter weights and work your way up so you won't hurt your back. Even at 20 lbs, you'll feel it the next day.