Brooks or not? (Read 3030 times)

    huge Brooks fan here for several reasons.   tried all in the new Pure line, the PureFlow will most likely be my next shoe purchase (1-2 mths?).  4 mm drop, 8.5-9 ozs with some light cushioning.  feels like the perfect shoe for me.

      Have you tried the Ghost 4? I loved the Ghost 2. The Ghost 4 is very nice and solid. It is a neutral shoe which is what I need with orthotics.


      One shoe option to try if looking for a touch of stability, lightness and a bit more minimal approach (heel to toe is less) is the Saucony Mirage. I wear these and really really like them. They are light, provide decent cushion and work great with my orthotics.



      Here's something funny. Last night I tried the Ghost 4, and the Launch.  ( the store did have them, as it turns out)


      Anyway, the Ghost felt awesome , just like the ones I have at home with 400 miles on it. But, I tried the launch.... I didn't like them as much, but thought I'd give them a try.    


      So, this morning I try them on , to do a few miles on the treadmill.  As soon as I put them on, I felt like all the pressure of my foot was on my arch.  When I got on the mill, I could feel my right arch.   I did 2 miles, and took them off.  I'm going to try to return them.   I don't need any arch injuries! I swear, my DB has one right now.   Maybe it's all in my head, but, I swear, I could feel my arch ache. 


      I wonder if they'll let me exchange them. Afterall, they aren't Zappos!  I didn't wear them outside, and just bought them last night...I wonder...


      I'm going back for the Ghost 4.   Screw this whole minimal shoe thing.  I'm sticking with what works for me today.    

      - Anya

        Good choice Anya!

        Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!

          Thanks TChuck!  I called the store and they said I could return them.

          - Anya

            I am running in Ghost 4s and love them. 


            What I am really excited about is the pair of Brooks Racer ST5 that I got for Christmas and haven't taken out yet. They are distance flats with some stability support. Thinking about a tempo run tonight to test them out.



            Nashville, TN


              I don't know if the minimalism has gone to my head or not, but the Brooks Ghost 4 is one of the most built up shoes I've worn in years. I was a fan of the Launch, except that it was a little squishy for me at times. The Ghost 4 is more solid, but not at all as minimal as I thought it would be. It used to be that the Glycerin was their cushioned trainer and the Ghost was their lighter weight model. Well now it seems to me that the Glycerin has become their plush, full-featured trainer, the Ghost 4 has replaced the Glycerin, and the Launch remains to do what the original Ghost did.


              And I prefer the T7 over all of them.


                I run in Ghosts for my easy and moderate length runs, and just brough some Glycerins for my LSDs.

                I seem to be "less injured" then when I was running in the Asics Landreths and Nimbus combo.

                  Here is a little review of the Ghost 4s and it upgrades. I loved the 2s but for whatever reason, could not wear the 3s because of bunion. I have a very touchy foot and the 4s deliver. I don't feel they are that heavy (11 oz) but certainly not a minimalist shoe. I do also mix in runs in my Saucony Mirage which has a minimal heel to toe and lighter.  Nice shoe also but different. I race in Brooks T5. They are worn out but love them. May have to try the T7 for races or Green Silence.



                  Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!

                    went from ascics to brooks.  My brooks feel like I'm running in wooden flip flops and I've gone back to my old shoes.

                      - Anya