"Dark" and "Inside" as weather options? (Read 149 times)


    I've run a couple runs recently with a headlamp in the dark.  (I live out in the country so no street lights).


    When I log these runs I just leave the weather options blank even if it is clear outside because that check box says "Sunny / Clear".


    I do the same thing when I run inside on the treadmill, I just leave all the check boxes unchecked.


    I don't really need it now, but at some point I might want to do a search for "dark" runs so I know how long my batteries in my headlamp lasted or something like that.  Right now there isn't a way to distinguish a night time run outside really.


    I've thought as a work around that I might start putting "Nighttime Run" for my route and then I could search for that and it will work for me, but some folks use their routes more than I do so it might not work for them.


    I am able to distinguish my indoor runs because I do put "Treadmill" for the route and that way I can run a report to see how many miles I've run on the treadmill each year.


    Not sure how much work those little checkboxes are.  If it is too much work I'll just start adding "Nighttime run" as the route so I can go back and filter for that later.


    Thanks, Nathan

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    not bad for mile 25

      It's been discussed before.  Meanwhile, what about setting up one or more workout types, i.e. "Dark-Easy" and "Dark-Sprintingintotrees"?

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        I've asked the question before. Apparently, dark isn't weather, so it doesn't get added. For me, if it's dark, I leave the sky stuff blank (Not clear, cloudy, overcast, etc.) I still put in windy or snow or whatever. Indoors I do a course of treadmill...


        In the winter I do about 75% of my runs in the dark. Sometimes I think it really affects the pace. Other times I am not so sure...



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