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    What shoes do you guys suggest for heavy people? I'm 5'9" and 245 lbs. I've been walking for about 3 weeks and have started to jog a little but my feet kill me after the days I jog some. Any help would be appreciated. I have heard Brooks Beast or NB Trail Shoes. I have very wide feet. Confused
      Probably your best bet would be to go to a specialty running store and ask the opinion of the sales reps there. That way you can have someone look at your feet and gait at the same time Your feet may roll in (overpronate) or out, and getting shoes designed for a different type of feet's a great way to get hurt! Congrats on your decision to start running, and good luck! There is a support group here, Jiggly Joggers, that you may want to join as well. Post in the forums and groups often so we get to know you! Welcome!

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        First of all, you should find out if there are any "valid" running shoe stores in your area. Not the places you find in the mall, but the ones you can sometimes find near popular outdoor recreational areas and running trails. The people that work in these stores are actually knowledgeable about what to look for when meeting your specific needs. They will have you try on a variety of shoes and actually watch you run/walk in them to make sure that they give you the support you need in the correct places. And even if you have to travel a bit to get to a store like this, it is well worth it. Mall stores like Foot Locker and such are mostly staffed by part-time kids who have no clue about anything other than brand names and the latest styles (can't tell you that it's universal, just my own experience). Note: Do Not go to a department store... even worse. Everyone is a little different in the feet department, being overweight might not even be the main problem for your pain, it could be overpronation that needs to be balanced out, high arches that need more support, etc. These conditions affect people of any size. Though the extra pounds can exacerbate the problem, it is most important for you to find out what your needs truly are. Your body will thank you for it.

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          If you pronate more than a little I know the New Balance 1222 is recommended for larger-framed runners. I think it also comes in extra wide widths. I have wide feet and love NB shoes. I would definitely try to find a specialty running store to get you into the right shoe, though. k

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            This is a pretty good article... How to Choose Running Shoes Make sure you buy shoes that are big enough. Not sloppy, but plenty of room in the toe box. Shop in the late afternoon after you've been on your feet all day, when your feet are at their largest. Your feet will expand while running. Don't be surprised if the running shoes you end up buying are a size larger than what you usually buy in other kinds of shoes. My running shoes are size 9 1/2 but all my other shoes are 8 1/2. If you buy shoes that are too small, you're feet will kill you and all kinds of nasty things can happen :-) Like the others have said, shopping at specialty running store / buying from people who are runners themselves, makes a huge difference in helping to find the right shoe for you. Good luck, ~ Arlene
              I'd recommend the Asics Kayano for big runners.
                I am 6'4" 380lbs and I have a pair of Brook Beasts and a Piar of NB 992's. They were fitted at a local specilty shop and I love both pair. I doubt that I will get the usual 500 miles out of each pair but they seem to hold up weel and my foot size is a 13 4e so they fit great too.
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                  Asics Gel Nimbus VIII - a neutral, cushioning shoe.


                    Asics Cumulus - neutral, cushioning - if you have wide feet they're great..roomy toe box..

                      I'm 210 lbs and have had 2 pairs of cumulus. they are the only trainers that I dont get sore shins with. I tried on nimbus but didnt feel the diffence was worth the £30 extra