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    So what do you do when that giant German Sheppard across the street isn't on a leash and looks like he's up for a chase? Shocked

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      1. Go for a PR! 2. Pull out your gun 3. Pull out your pepper spray 4. Kick it 5. Yell/Bark Back 6. Don't engage the dog and walk 7. Look at the previous discussions on dogs Wink



        So what do you do when that giant German Sheppard across the street isn't on a leash and looks like he's up for a chase? Shocked
        I've had mostly good luck with the following, but I have also been bitten as well: 1. Stare down at the dog before he really starts making his move, even if you have to slow down and/or walk backwards. 2. Make an effort to move away from his turf so that he doesn't feel as threatened while you are asserting your dominance (step 1). 3. If he makes a break, stop and bring your hands arms and legs all into a straight line (if you are a man, put your hands in front of your crotch) - many dogs are just friendly want to play and I don't assume it is going to bite me until it does. 4. If you are bit by the dog, kick it in the head, and call the game warden at the first possible convenience. If you aren't bit, then start moving away or continue your run depending upon whether the dog just wants to sniff you or is being playful or is still threatening to bite.

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          My husband and I were talking about this the other night. Unfamiliar dogs are the main reason I take either pepper spray or my OWN German Shepherd with me when I run. I know the "right" thing to do is what Blaine said. But, I know that I would honestly just turn and run. He told me for my next race he is going to tie a pork chop to my butt and let loose a pack of dogs so I can finally get my that PR I have been hoping for! Clowning around
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            I haven't had a dog encounter in a long time, thankfully. There's a trail I've been running for 20+ years and even though it's clearly marked "dogs on leash" the owners usually ignore it. More times than I can count I've had a dog come running at me and/or get underfoot. And the owners always say the same thing "Oh, he's friendly!" Gee, thanks, I'm glad you would have kept it on a leash if you knew it was a homicidal maniac. It's like some dog owners think the leash laws only apply if their dog is uncontrollable. No, it applies to your dog too. The most efficient way to deal with these situations is biting sarcasm. When they say "don't worry, he's friendly" I reply with something like, "Oh, well then I would have felt bad if I kicked it. Should I kick you instead?"

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              Whenever I've had a dog look like he was going to be aggressive I do this. Stop, stare the dog down and reach down and pick up a "rock". Even if there aren't any rocks around and you are picking up an "air rock" that's cool. With all the confidence you can muster, cock your arm like you are going to throw and move toward the dog. I'm sure this won't work on all dogs but it's been 100% effective for me so far. I've never had to actually throw anything. YMMV Smile