Post Partum Runners here? (Read 493 times)

    Hi all, My wife wants to get back into running. She delivered our first son at the end of November, and has gotten the 'go-ahead' from the doctor to get back into working out. Are there any groups here that fall into this category? Any good advice you can give her? Thanks a lot, Mike


      Congrats on the new baby!! I started running after my first child to lose weight and soon became addicted. Becoming new parents is one of the most stressful times you can encounter, especially with no sleep. I found that being able to take off and run for even if it was only for 20 minutes would help me clear my mind tremendously. It really got me through the tough times (my first child had colic). My husband runs also, so he was understanding that I needed a little time to escape, not to mention the pounds just start melting off. So even when you think you are way too tired to run, go for it anyway and you'll come back refreshed! Good Luck!

        I started my running obsession about 4 months after I had my last child (3 years ago). I had to start REALLY slow because I was really heavy ( about 90 lbs overweight) and I hadn't run before. Now I am 5 and a half months pregnant and still running, although I have had to cut my miles down again this week and have had to slow down my pace again. But I am interested to see how I do with running after I have this baby with being able to still run now. I posted on the general running forum about running while pregnant and Trent posted an article about Paula Radcliff (name correct?) training during her pregnancy and running after. It was a very interesting article. Did your wife run before, and if she did was it right before, I think that makes a difference in how quickly your body adapts to the stresses of running. Anyways, I think that it is great and I hope that it works well for her, it also helps when your spouse or significant other is very supportive, I know that I could have not done everything I have done in my progress in running or weight loss if my Husband was not so supportive and accommodating. Lisa
          Thanks for your support! My wife used to run a long time ago, but hasn't in a few years. Same is true for me. I've been getting back into running this past week, and am loving it! It hurts like hell, of course, but the stress like you say, is a lot easier to deal with!! My wife has been very supportive, and we actually went through the house and got rid of everything that wasn't healthy, then went to the store and loaded up. We'll be eating pretty well from now on. She's going to start running here soon, and I'm sure she'll love it too... Thanks again, Mike