Too early to start? (Read 138 times)


    Track season starts in March of next year and ends in May.  If I start running now, do I run the risk of burning out/getting injured?


    Proboscis Colossus

      Depends on how much you run between now and then.  But if you love running and don't overdo it, no you don't.

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      Feeling the growl again

        Run as many days as you feel like, keep the pace easy.  Run a comfortably hard effort for 3-4 miles only once a week (NOT racing, you should feel like you could pretty much turn around and do it again).  If running at least 5 days a week, if you feel good on another day accelerate over the last mile or two to finish strong.


        Do that and you will be surprised who you can beat next season.


        Go out and start pounding intervals and racing workouts, and you will flame out early.

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