Looking for advice on recovery from a minor hamstring injury (Read 55 times)


    "Pulled" my left hamstring on Friday jumping off a rock on the beach while on a run. It's not too bad but I could still feel it today and skipped my long run after about a mile because it was starting to hurt again.


    Any advice on recovery times and/or exercises would be greatly appreciated!

      I've done this 2 or 3 times, and usually the only thing that cures me is time off.  Fortunately, though, it's only taken a week or two.

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        Agree with joescott here. Last year I was feeling the same as you ("wasn't too bad but could still feel it") and rather than rest I ran a 10k because I had already paid the entrance fee. Bad move.. during the race I ripped my hamstring bad - bruising form mid-thigh to ankle - and ended up missing about 3 months of running as a result.


        I would recommend stretching the hamstring regularly and incorporating some strength exercises as well.



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          I agree that holding off from racing is a good idea, and also would skip the tempo runs for a few weeks. But I don't agree with stopping running altogether. I think that running easy will help it heal. Have also had success using the Stick or some other deep pressure a few times a day. After a few days, would then add gentle/low weight leg curls on a weight machine to strengthen the healing hamstrings.


            I absolutely DO need to add some cross-training (biking?) and strength exercises to my routine! This is a good reminder and motivation. I just got to 36 m/wk a month or so ago and started adding some strides to my mid-week runs. Although the injury didn't happen during one of those, I think it may well be related.


            This runner's world post might be a good resource of hamstring related information... does anyone have any other pointers?

              I have no expertise in these matters, but I did recently strain my hamstring.  It happened in the middle of my first 400m race in many years.  It was a sudden, intense pain and I thought I would be out for a while.  I iced and rested it for 2 days and took some ibuprofen as well.  By the third day I felt much better and tried to go for a short, easy run.  I probably would have been fine, but the hamstring felt tight and I turned around after 100 yards.  I rolled it that night and the the next day I ran six easy miles. I have been fine ever since.   It was tight for a few more days, but it now seems normal.  As always, YMMV.  I would err on the conservative side.  Steve Schump's story scares the crap out of me.

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                Over the past few months I had been dealing with a sore hamstring.  I felt about the same as you describe, it was not too bad but I could still feel it.  Just tightness.  I would take it easy for a few days and it seemed to get better.  During a race on June 16th I ended up tearing it.  Not a full tear, just partial, so only a little bruising.  Respect the hamstring injury and listen to your body.  Trying to come back too soon or work through the pain can make it much worse.