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    Hey Hey Hey!!! Okay, sometimes I get soooo tired after I ran a long way. But I always thought it was because I wasn't eating enough. How many carbs is enough? Do you guys know? I don't wan't to get fat eating so much bread, but I read in Runners World (best magazine in world!!) that you need carbs. watcha think Blush Smile Wink

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      I think the carbs thing is a YMMV sort of thing. Some folks can eat bread all day long and not find that it messes with their blood sugar in a way to make them hungry 24/7, but some of us really need to watch our carb intake--I know if I eat too much (particularly in the form of sugar or white flour) that it ends up making me feel sluggish and ravenously hungry all the time (thanks to hypoglycemia). For me I feel best at around 50-100 net carbs/day (ie subtracting fiber which has minimal impact on blood sugar). Though I know that the more miles I run, the more carbs my body will need. It's a sensitive balance to not go overboard for a lot of us. I will "carb-up" a bit in the day or two before each long run, maybe to the tune of 100-200 net carbs/day. k

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