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Interval Junkie --Nobby

    Yeah, I like this idea.  Have a slight logistical problem: live 3 floors up in the city.  So where to stash equipment is a conundrum.  I'm spoiled and don't carry anything (not even a watch, these days) when running.


    Also, need to find a (leather) jump rope for tall folks.  Shouldn't be a problem these days.  But in the aughts, I had 3 of them that only fit Tom Cruise.  Though, come to think of it, I've never jumped rope with shoes on -- that's going to be weird.


    Figuring out a one-legged squat is going to be a trick.  Saw a woman do a "pistol squat" (I think that's what it's called) and my mind just boggled at the balance and control.


    An aside: for sanity, I've been watching old Dick Cavett interviews with intellectuals of the '70s.  Wonderful balm to today's frenetic sound-bite media.  Anyway, I ran across this episode from the 80s, when he's 49.  This is a wonderful time when fit didn't mean "gym rat".  Just look at this guy's physique.  49!

    2021 Goals: 50mpw 'cause there's nothing else to do


      Saw a woman do a "pistol squat" (I think that's what it's called) and my mind just boggled at the balance and control.


      Highly recommend you keep pistol squatting a spectator sport.


        Well, thank you, stadjak and gumbee.


        You caught us at just the right time.  We had just finished a 10k that morning, something we had both kind of peaked for.


        There's no doubt losing weight will help.  I lost about 16 pounds from the first of the year.  I don't need to say that it helped by running. (But I guess I just did.)  I cut out lunch when I learned I wasn't going to starve to death by not eating it.  Who knew?!  That allowed me to shift my calories to where I could use them most--like a beer at dinner and ice cream after.  One thing that might help with losing a few extra pounds is incorporating a few moderate miles into your week, or some kind of fartlek work.  Intervals might be something an interval junkie might like.  It doesn't have to be structured but fast running seems to keep the calorie burn going longer, and those faster miles or minutes will help with functional strength and health in a certain sense.


        Joann is far more knowledgeable and happier to do the strength training stuff than I.  Like gumbee, I don't want to put on more muscle weight than I need to, so I try to do some upper body twice a week at 2 x 12-15 of a few simple exercises with dumbbells and one machine exercise, a lat pulldown.  On a few days a week, I'll do some pushups.  My routine takes a half hour...maybe.  Just a few basic exercises that I find tolerable.


        For lower body, I do a couple of days a week with some body weight exercises.  Some squats and lunges and a few other exercises from our coach.  After (almost) every run I do some mobility exercises and a few squats and some good mornings.


        Like you, I'm trying to trick myself into doing some of this stuff.  I don't want to do a lot, but I try to make it consistent.

        There was a point in my life when I ran. Now, I just run.


        We are always running for the thrill of it

        Always pushing up the hill, searching for the thrill of it

          If you are running 50 miles a week 2 to 3 times a week of lifting Is enough.

          if you have adjustable dumbbells you can get a good work out,

          dumbell deadlift

          goblet squat

          one arm press

          row with one arm braced on chair or bench.

          if you could do one arm benches

          calf raises standing on a  stair

          Interval Junkie --Nobby

            You folks have been extremely helpful.  I've borrowed a bit from everyone, but mostly Adonis Abe.


            Twice a week I just do my arm workout: I've reduces the weights to let my core catch-up.  (no real fear of "bulking up" -- the idea for me makes me laugh). Then 10mi

            Once a week just a 10mi

            Once a week I do 120 body squats or more.  Then a 10mi

            Once a week I'm doing something that isn't a 10mi easy run.  This week was 400m intervals.


            Also added a bit of fartlek on nights I'm feeling good.


            The abdomen strain is a bit disconcerting.  Maybe a small hernia?  I don't know.  I know it's there, but it doesn't bother me.  Only thing it warns me about is leg-lifts or russian twists.  I'll give it couple more weeks to see if it goes away.  Not really looking forward to leg-lifts anyway.


            Anyway, getting flirty comments from my roommate.  Somethings working.  I think she might be into me.

            2021 Goals: 50mpw 'cause there's nothing else to do


              I'm looking to add some light strength training into my running routine.  I'm not enthusiastic about it, but recognize it could be healthy. (and JoannY and Abe looked mighty fine, last time I saw them)


              Hoping you folks could point me in the direction of a simple routine to add to my runs.  For runs I'm doing about 5x10miles of easy.  So far I've tried lifting for 10-30mins before heading out for 10miles.  There isn't much regiment to the lifting; it's usually whatever I can muster the will for before lacing up.  That said, it's pretty confused.


              (Sorry, I don't know the official names for anything -- and I only have dumbells)


              Monday: Upper-day

              3x10x10lbs straight arm lifts

              3x10x10lbs wings

              3x10x30lbs double curls

              3x10x30lbs double overhead press

              3x10x30lbs bench press

              3x10x45lbs single arm bent-over pull

              3x10x40lbs behind the head to over the head triangles



              Tuesday: Composite

              3x10x45lbs squat Ra (goblet squat, to lifting the goblet straight over your head: RAH!)

              one of the exercises above that I wasn't able to do on Monday

              15 squat thrusts


              Wed: rest


              Thursday: HIIT

              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIHy-ZnSndA  however long I can last in this workout.  7mins -12mins?

              15 squat thrusts




              3x10x30lbs double curls

              3x10x30lbs double overhead press

              3x10x30lbs bench press

              3x10x10lbs straight arm lifts




              60 inclined pushups. (easy-mode)

              3x8 squat thrusts

              Hang from the chin-up bar 3x as long as possible (which isn't long)



              Sunday: Rest


              As you can see, it's a bit all over the board.  I could use some help with structure.


              Almost 50.  Only goal is functional strength and health.  Only have dumbells and a small 10x8 room to use them in.  Might be getting a kettlebell soon (on the fence).



              Nice this is already a great plan for me.