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    hey everyone, Here's a little background...i've been running pretty competitively since i was 12 (i'm about to turn 25 so i'm not new to running) while i've slacked off on training/running consistantly for the last couple years i'm still running around a 21 5k with minimal mileage a week . I've managed to stay mostly uninjured (with a few small knee and achilles problems when i was in college due to mileage jump) For about the last 7 months i noticed that my 3rd and 4th toes on my left foot would go numb while i was running...i didn't think it was a big deal so i didn't really do anything about it. A few months ago i started to get sharp pains on the top of my foot, but i dont get them when i run, it's mostly when i'm barefoot after a workout and sometimes just when i'm walking around (heels tend to make it worse). It got to the point where i was starting to have achilles and hip issues with my right leg because i was unconsciously compensating for my left. I finally went to the doctor and was told that i had Morton's Nueroma, and they did X-rays to check. Then it turned out that i have Freiburg's Infraction. So i was referred to a foot specialist who seems to think i have both and that the Freiberg's doesn't seem to be an issue and looks like it's been there for about 2 years. But there's more of course Confused He noticed that my second bone seems to be much larger than the rest of the bones in my foot and he's not sure why. So now i get to have a bone scan done (this wednesday) to maybe answer some questions but overall he doesn't seem to have any idea what is causing the pain in my foot or how to fix it. Has anyone ever had any problems like this and if so what did you do to fix it. Any recommendations or comments would be welcome...this is driving me nuts!! Tongue Sorry it's so long just wanted to make sure i got all the info in!
    Jim Pouillon

      Get the neuroma fixed with 4% alcohol injections weekly and wear wide toebox shoes (like Merril) until the neuroma is healed, about 5-8 weeks. The alcohol shots are just about 90% effective and have zero side effects. Once that particular problemis gone than your brain can tell you why/where the top of your foot hurts a little better. The bone scan will rule out stress fracture. When you say the 2nd met is larger you you mean longer or wider. If you have a stress fracture a carbon fiber shank in your shoe will fix it (along with rest and pool running) Good luck