How long does it take for beginners to build up a running base (Read 394 times)


    Glad to hear it's working well for you.  Increased frequency definitely helped me.  I didn't start working on a "long" run until I was running ~5 miles 5x/week.


    Keep up the good work! Big grin


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      this is my 13th month. my ankles were the things that hurt the most. I try to get new shoes when things like knees and or different muscles start to feel funny.


      When I started to add miles, the hardest jump was getting to 6 miles. after that it seemed like anything was possible.


      stick with it. it gets easier and becomes fun.

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        Nice.  I think sometimes folks focus exclusively on weekly mileage and think that fewer runs with higher mileage on each run will be less stressful than more runs with slightly less mileage on each run.  I think the opposite is true for most.  Our bodies adapt based not just on how much stress we put on them but also on how frequently we stress them.  Thus, if you run more frequently, you are placing the same amount of overall stress on your body but you adapt better because you stress your body more often.

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