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      It's A Wonderful Life




        Christmas Story

        Home Alone I

        Die Hard I

          1.  It's a Wonderful Life


          Not just my favorite Christmas movie, but also my favorite movie period.




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          Doc, my tooth hurts

            Don't have a true favorite, but some of the ones I really enjoy.


            Christmas Vacation

            Home Alone (first one only)


            Bad Santa


            Love Actually.


            Last year my mother in law wanted all of us to watch It's a Wonderful Life together since none of us had ever seen it, and it's on every year. None of us liked it. My mother in law went to bed early and said "I've had enough of this." My father in law didn't say a word the whole movie and then said "I haven't changed the channel because I thought you were watching it!" My wife and I said we weren't enjoying it either, but felt we had to stick it out. I was surprised that a movie that is so beloved did absolutely nothing for me. Maybe it's the old timey over acting. Oh well.


              The Bells of St. Mary's

              Alastair Sim in the 1951 version of Scrooge

              The Night they Saved Christmas (Art Carney plays Santa, but it is a terrible movie.  I love it anyway.)


              ETA: Also, A Christmas Memory based on the Truman Capote story of the same name.

                Repo Man


                  Alastair Sim in the 1951 version of Scrooge



                  +1  If you're not moved after Sim is visited by the ghost of Christmas yet to come and wakes up in the morning to see he still has a chance to change his life, you have no heart. Superb acting and absolute best version of "A Christmas Carol" they ever made.  I've been watching this movie for over 50 years and I still cry when Scrooge has his chat with Bob Cratchet the day after Christmas.

                    DH and I love Holiday Inn and watch it every year together! But I also love all of the awful Lifetime and Hallmark channel Christmas movies that come on ever year. They're terrible, but I still get so excited at Thanksgiving when they start coming on again. 

                    Boss of the Mangoes

                      My favorite movie of all time-  It's a Wonderful Life!

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                        Charlie Brown Christmas

                        Hollie S.

                        Merry Christmas!

                          The Christmas Story


                          Eloise at Christmas Time--been one of my favorites since I was about eight, and I still love it.

                          I wish I was as young as I look in the forum picture! But I'm not. :(

                          Cool Jump Suit

                            I used to love The Christmas Story when I was a kid.  But my wife went into labor with our first child Christmas morning @ 12:30 am.  We went to the hospital.......she was in labor all night and morning......by the next afternoon I was done with The Christmas Story.  You know....TBS playing it for 24 hrs. straight.  I think I saw it 8 times straight through.  Ba hum bug.  


                            ......I wish I had a leg lamp though.

                            So bittersweet,
                            This tragedy
                            Won't ask for absolution;
                            This melody,
                            Inside of me,
                            Still searches for solution.
                            A twist of faith,
                            A change of heart
                            Cures my infatuation.
                            A broken heart, 
                            Provides the spark
                            For my determination.

                            Former runner

                              I love all the old Rankin/Bass productions. I may have to get my copy of Die Hard a play this week.


                              My new favorite is Rare Exports. A movie filmed in Finland a couple years ago. I discovered it on Netflix this past weekend.



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                                Christmas Vacation

                                A Christmas Carol (whichever version is on)

                                Bad Santa


                                Jingle All The Way

                                Of course it's a real gun, it's a real race.