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    Ha, sistinas, and I used to live in Porter Square...technically in Cambridge but a short walk to the 'ville. We've probably passed each other on the road/trail on both coasts and didn't know it!

    Runners run.

    Now that was a bath...

      Well not only was that an excellent read, I was interested in your point about the maps. Someone can see exactly where I live as I run from the same point each day! They can also see what time I typically leave and exactly where I am likely to be running. Spooky. Just as well not many people stalk 35 year old mothers of four children. Anyhow back to your post. Don't you just feel better for getting out there! You summarized it all so well. When I left the house today (6:25 Saturday morning NZ) I met two other runners in the first few minutes. I thought 'runners are a little bit insane' - as I mused on the fact that last night's Christmas party saw me turning down all the free alcohol in favor of water and feeling guilt at eating bad carbs because the only other vegetarian option was salad. Stay passionate Mike! Claire xxx
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        My girlfriend, neighbor, fast woman buddy called me this morning as I contemplated making cookies with the kids. It's 4 degrees outside with a breeze that brings the temp under zero. It's beautiful and sunny and clear and she said she could think of no other person that might join her for a trail run. We took our labs out (everyone in AK has a lab) and after a mile we were just where MikeyMike was (well not as speedy). We were in runner's heaven, laughing and talking and amazed what our 45plus bodies could do. Once we were back on the road, people passed us in cars looking on as if we were insane. Even my husband says I am insane and I respond that insane is what I would be if I didn't hit the trails.
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