1,000 Miles this year - FINALLY (Read 298 times)

    After one terrible case of PF starting my running year out......and then being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and having surgery in April, I have FINALLY managed to get 1,000 miles this year.......my original goal starting on Jan 1st was 2,000 miles but a couple of situations and 2,000 became impossible for me this year.


    Two more months left.....I can still salvage a decent year....


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      Great job!!! Its feels great doesn't it? I had some obstacles too, but reached 1000 miles Monday. Congrats to us and everyone else who has the dedication to log in lots of miles Smile


      Hope you reach your goal of 2000 next year!

      Feeling the growl again

        I'm glad to hear you are healing up well and getting your running back in gear.  Most of all, I am glad they caught the problem and here's to many 2000 mile years to come.  Smile

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          Awesome! Good job! Cancer sucks! Glad things are heading in right direction.

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            1100 for me and I do not have any reason for just 100 more then you have. Keep your head up and you feet on the ground.


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