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    We had a reacord low this morning of 27F, but I didn't run 27 miles.   The low this weekend for the Disney marathon is 27F, so I 'll be close.


    If it is 27, then you will go over because the hike from the parking lot to the staging area followed by the hike from the staging area to the corrals is way more than .8 miles.



      It seems like in past years there has been a thread for this, so I figured we needed one for this winter.  Who's done a run this season where the miles put in outnumber the degrees of temperature?  Temps are in Fahrenheit, and staying inside when the temps are below zero doesn't count!


      I racked up my first two of these this weekend... 5 miles in -2 on Sat., and 15 miles in 8 degrees (at the start, anyway) on Sun.


      I want to, but it tends to be difficult for non-ultrarunners in GA.

       (Pretending for a second I can run any reasonable distance right now anyhow)


      The other day it was a freakish 17F... I probably lost my best chance of the year right there. 


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      This is why I run

        1/3/10 I ran 8.5 miles and it was a balmy 8 degrees outside.  A few years ago I ran 12.5 miles at -1F near Sault Saint Marie, MI.  Actually took my mittens off the last 2 miles as my hands were burning up.
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          4.2 m in -14 deg F act. air temp

          The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

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            Can we do this in Celsius? Because that would be pretty easy, I'm doing it right now.

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              heh, thank God for freak cold snaps, I actually did it this morning... (Only if you go by low or by median during run temperature, however, at finish, it was slightly warmer than my miles)  Big grin


              17 miles, 13 feels like 2 at start, 19 feels like 8 at finish.

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                Finished The Frigid 5 Miler at North Park in Pittsburgh. It was 0oF to start and 3F at the finish. The winner was 28:00. I was 4th in AG at 39:46. Another good day to be alive.

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                  Are you using high, low or average temperature?

                  Runners run.


                    Low, high, or average, I win the game today.


                    I hope to never ever play the game again unless I get talked into a 50 miler when it is 40 degrees.


                    Which, huh.  I've done that before. Twice.



                      January 2nd I did 5.5 miles at 7 degrees F and I'm now working on re-conditioning the new skin on my feet. 

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                        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                          14 miles today  6 deg F,   minus 8 with windshield.  I'm still cold.

                          You'll ruin your knees!

                            Great opportunity for this:






                            "Winter temperatures averaged -20 to -30 degrees".. so I could roll over and go back to sleep and still run more miles than degrees! 


                            ...and hey, there are perks!

                            "Toiletries provided."

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                              I made it yesterday morning.  14 degrees, 16 miles.


                              Best Present Ever

                                I came close, and only ran 6.8 miles -- it was 7 degrees out.  I was overdressed and came  home hot.