Rookie doing a 10k (Read 274 times)


    You'll likely find that the other runners and any spectators will be very encouraging.  I have no problems with headphone wearing but that encouragement and excitement can be a big part of the experience and you'd likely miss most of it if you wore headphones.  Just my two cents.


    My advice is a bit different only in the sense that I do recommend at least one 6 mile easy run  effort.  Not to race the distance, but to build confidence.  It's not much farther than your current runs and the experience with the distance can give you some peace of mind.


    You mentioned a high protein diet. Is this by choice or a prescribed diet?   How well do you tolerate carbs?  If you can you might want to consider incorporating carbs the night before and the morning of your race.  I don't mean carb load as in a marathon because that won't be necessary, but to make sure you have enough energy.  Something like adding a little pasta to dinner and oatmeal for breakfast.   I have been on a restrictive diet for several years now (Weight Watchers) and have found that I need to make sure I get enough carbs in my diet before long runs (over 13 miles) and 10k to half race efforts.


    Good luck and congratulations on the journey!  Let us know how you do.

      You really don't need to train much differently for a 5K and a 10K, the key is just getting more weekly miles at an easy pace so that you have enough of a base to get you through the distance.      Concerning food and diet - the great thing about 5 and 10K races is you don't have to worry much about diet either.....the really long distance races sure but not 5K/10K...


      If I were you I would continue to add as many easy miles per week as I possible and probably try to work in a few 5 mile runs (one per week or so if you can)  --  that with race day adrenaline will get you thru the last 1.2 miles.


      Simply keep working up your  weekly mileage......


      RACE DAY - you wont need GU, or energy bars or anything....SHOOT, for a 10K you wont even need water (you might like it and want some but your body has plenty of reserves to get you thru that distance)......

      Champions are made when no one is watching


        Thanks everyone for your advice and encouragement!

        I seem to be doing a "long run" weekly now and 2 shorter runs spread out each week.

        I did 6.75 last week and 5.50 yesterday.  I'll probably gie my knees a day or 2 to recuperate and then do a <3 mile run on Friday. (Race on Sunday)


        Does that sound ok?  I feel very confident going into Sunday.  A few minor elevation changes that concern me, but nothing horrible.  The biggest thing I've noticed on my runs is that I get dry mouth 3/4 of the way there, so i plan on pounding water leading up to it and taking advantage of the water stops.


        I can tolerate Carbs, so I will do the pasta the night before and probably a greek yogurt for breakfst as  I know that will stay in me for the duration of the run Smile


        I am so excited.  I never thought I'd like running in my life! (unless someone was chasing me!)



          The biggest thing I've noticed on my runs is that I get dry mouth 3/4 of the way there, so i plan on pounding water leading up to it and taking advantage of the water stops.



          Be careful with the pounding of water.  I have problems when I start a run over-hydrated. I used to drink a bunch of water before a run, then I figured out why I always had to make pit stops along the way! Stay hydrated in the days before the race and take a drink at the water stops and I bet you'll be fine.

          Pinhoti 100: Finished :D

            Nothing is impossible, if we know we can really do it, we should do it so we can satisfy our doubts and somehow overcome our fears.


            congratulations on the healthy change of lifestyle

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              +1 what everyone else has said here.  I've run many 10k's where no hydration was needed during the race, and my last 10 miler the water at the stops was frozen, so I only had a bit of ice to last me through it.  
              Congrats on the lifestyle change!

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                Hey Everyone!  I finished the race!

                My time clocked in right around 1:27 min.

                I was able to jog the entire route around a 12:44 pace.


                It was amazing.  Had a great time and can't wait to do more.

                Near the end, it was hard to keep the emotions in check, but the fellow runners and spectator cheering really gave that extra drive.


                Thanks again to everyone here for the support & encouragement!