Effects of waking because of heat on training runs (Read 1057 times)

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    Might want to keep the clock running when you're walking.  The distance added by walking doesn't matter all that much.  But if you pause your garmin every time you walk, your Log will indicate you ran a lot faster than you actually did.  This might influence projections of possibly goal paces (setting unrealistic expectations).

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       I don't think "real" runners understand the pain a new runner experiences in completing a distance like that. 


      Oh, I think real runners do.  I still remember when I was going to run my first 10 miler @ a pace that is double what my marathon PR pace is.  A very frightening/painful experience...

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        My plan says to run 6 miles but this morning before it gets hot I did run the 6 but had to walk 3 times for a minute each (still very humid but cool).  Should I add a little distance to my runs or just call it done? 


        Kathy -- if walking some to deal with the heat lets you complete the distance, then it's a good thing. If walking is to keep your from keeling over from the heat...then it's time to just call it a day. 

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          I remember my very first my run which was very hard where it was walk a block and run a block and then walk another block.  I also remember my very first 26 mile training run where I had never run more than 16 miles and then my first marathon.  All very painful experiences and I refer back to them whenever I am struggling during a marathon.  Oh most runners remember.  It is part of what fuels us to do stupid things in hope of having to go back through that.


          Now on the subject of walking.  The question is not is it okay to walk because of course it is.  The big difference some of us are trying to say is that if you slow down your pace in the heat you might not have to walk.  My goal for this half would be to beat my old time and not have any walking breaks.  That is what my goals were for my second marathon were.


          Some people believe walking through water stations will make you faster but I believe if the Kenyons don't do it then I'm not Smile  I just follow them from a very far distance to respect their space!!


          Good luck with the training.  Hopefully things will cool off soon.  I hear San Fransico is nice this time of year.

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