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    Not asking if you like or not.  They are generally a love or hate type of shoe but...



    Clifton or Challenger? Challenger is the trail version of the Clifton but the last couple of versions they do not feel like the same shoe.


    Anyone else get a squeaking noise in their Hokas when you run or walk in them? I fee like maybe it's some sort of air pocket in the sole but not really sure.  I have experienced this with most Hokas I have owned.  Currently I have three pair of Challengers and one pair Cliftons.


    Any other Hoka models you have thoughts on?

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      I've worn Hokas since the early years and never had squeaking.   I don't wear the trail versions.   I love the new Clifton 5.  Best one yet.  Also, Bondi 6 is the best Bondi and feels less clunky to me.  Elevon is good- feels like less shoe.  There is now a new knit upper Clifton but I haven't seen it yet.

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        On my 5th pair of Hokas. Have not noticed squeaking.


        I have Clifton 4, which are quite firm unlike the Hoka marshmallow rep, but I like them.


        Had Challenger 3. Liked them a lot, but they did completely fall apart after a couple hundred miles.


        Currently have Napali, which are supposedly a re-release of the Clifton 3 with new uppers. Much softer than the Clifton 4. Over 500 miles on those and going strong.

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          Loved the originals. Loved the Clifton 1. Not so crazy about the post Decker models, they mostly feel like hockey pucks to me. Currently running in Bondi 5's, really hoping the B6 is softer, more like the originals.

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            I'm like Dean, I think they went HARD (aka "responsive") on their midsoles after the first few years. Many of us older people were able to alleviate aches and pains with "max cushion" shoes, and when Hoka went hard, well, there wasn't much else to turn to. They are also notoriously narrow.


            I had the original Challengers, two pairs, and the Challenger3 (almost retired, maybe 50 miles left in them). I tried on the Challenger4 a couple days ago, but I could tell right away that they wouldn't work for me, I supinate and there wasn't enough (any?) lateral support at the ball of the foot. My foot was pushing over the side just jogging in the store. AND they were Hoka-tight. The 4 is unquestionably a NO for me.


            Also had Stinson ATR3, which SAVED ME from PF, or at least allowed me to keep running while it healed over 6 months. The new Stinson ATR4 feel like they'll work for me, but they're heavy. I also had some Stinson Tarmac that I found at Goodwill for $10, so I couldn't pass them up. They were OK, but they were already half used up.


            For cushioned shoes I've migrated to Skechers GoRun Ultra Road-2 and the GoTrail Ultra-4. I'm on my 3rd pair of roads, they are Clifton-Killers. Much lighter, aren't narrow, much more comfortable, better cushion without absorbing your effort, half the price or less; but they only last me about 350 miles compared to 500 with Hokas (outsole wear). The Trail-4 is a little heavy, but feels great even after a few hours. I'm looking forward to trying the totally re-vamped MaxTrail-5.


            In closing, yeah, I'll get more Hokas. Probably the Stinson ATR4, Maybe the Elevon. Hopefully they'll come up with a new TPU formula and make a cushioned 8oz trail shoe for next season. I said CUSHIONED. AND offer it in normal width.

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              For the past several years my bread n butter daily shoe has been the Hoka Clifton.  Had PF and and a neuroma and the Hokas allowed me to keep training until they were healed (they are, 100% now for a couple years). 

              I've gone thrrough two pairs of Clifton 1's (my favorite version), two pairs of Clifton 2's, 1 pair of Conquests (which are super heavy at 11.8 ounces but I really liked them, still in occasional use though they have 1023 miles on them) and am still on my sole pair of Clifton 3's (852 miles on those).  The 3's are I think way stiffer than the 1's.  Not a huge fan of them.

              Even though, for me, they seem to last forever, I won't be buying Cliftons or any Hoka again.  It was a good run but I'm gonna move on I think.  Maybe I'll try the one's Suly Bill mentions because I still do want Light, Wide, Cushioned.


              Oh, no squeeks that I've noticed on any of them.



                Someone posted on Letsrun today that the Clifton 1 is being re-released next month.


                Who knows if it's true. I'll believe it when I see it.

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                  Clifton 1 is re-released!


                  Anyone run in the speedgoat 2's?? I ordered a pair.  They seem to have good reviews.  Looking for something beyond just the challengers for trails or trail/pavement combos.

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                    I didn't get to try to original Clifton 1, but I got my order in this time around!





                      I see they're asking $130 on the website. And without making them wider, either!

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                        Clifton 1 is re-released!


                        Anyone run in the speedgoat 2's?? I ordered a pair.  They seem to have good reviews.  Looking for something beyond just the challengers for trails or trail/pavement combos.


                        Ya. Less than 20 miles in them, but so far so good. Super aggressive lugs and I'm going to try to stay off the pavement to not wear them down. The outsoles stick great on rocks and dig into the dirt. Bought them for sloppy trails this fall and winter and I think they'll be great for that. Not quite as squishy as the Stinsons I had a couple years ago, but you can really feel the squish on hard surface. Also seem a bit more tippy/unstable than I remember the Stinsons being, but I think it'll be fine. Love the fit! Seem to run a bit smaller than the Hokas I've had, which I like because I like a snug fit. Hadn't seen that in other reviews except for the normal Hoka complaints of narrow forefoot. My toes do hit the end, which makes me a bit nervous, but I think they'll be about perfect once they break in and I really lock them down.


                        I had the Challenger 3 and the Speedgoat 2 seems like a more serious shoe all around. I've seen reviews of the Speedgoat 3 coming out early next year and I think the only change is to fix common tearing in the forefoot.