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    Right; I thought his argument was against an association of dehydration with cramping. I don't think (don't have the book memorized!) he makes an argument about calf strains. But I could be wrong. I have no real argument, just a collection of anecdotes and passing along thoughts from runners I trust.


    MTA: I (just now) realize we were talking past each other! Nevermind, carry on. 

      Jeff, there was a good multi-part write-up by Science of Sport addressing cramping and the theories/remedies around it.  IIRC, they cited some studies showing no statistical difference in degree of dehydration or serum electrolyte concentrations between "crampers" and "non-crampers" in triathlons (IM length, I think).



      On-topic: my strain was whatever Grade has associated swelling and radiating pain.  When I called the doc and mentioned the swelling and soreness, they feared DVT and sent me for an ultrasound RIGHT NOW.  Maybe a lesser strain would heal with less "vacation" from running -- I hope so.

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        suffered a grade 2 strain on the tennis court about 90 minutes into the match

        was a hot and very humid afternoon and I had lost a lot of water

        Doc advised that dehydration can make the muscle fibers less pliable and more prone to injury (age also plays a role)


        perhaps my Doc is just repeating the lore, but it seems logical to me and I'd like like to blame the muscle tear on something other than age at least I do something about staying hydrated


        the study you mentioned talks about cramping, which seems like a different topic than muscle tears / strains